Because I’m a jerk. A gloating sort of jerk.

A tired, hurting sort of gloating jerk who was in line from midnight until about 2:00am and who sort of feels bad for the hundreds of people who had numbers far higher than 94.

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7 Responses to /gloat

  1. Analogue says:

    Oh, I should download that for my plane trip this week. It looks vaguely steampunky. Of course I always hate rewarding authors for writing books that aren’t in the series I’m actively interested in right now *Stormlight Archives*, Sanderson, please.

    • Alas says:

      It’s not intended to be steampunky but is supposed to have the feel of New York of 1910/Edwardian not Victorian. Thus according to Sanderson.

      And just… get done with WoT, please. (There’s a midnight release I’ll skip. He said it would be at BYU as well.)

      • Analogue says:

        I gave up on WoT when I was in college. After 900000 pages of women jerking their braids and sniffing… well… though Sanderson almost makes me want to go back and try.

        The steampunk book my husband and I are collaborating on is 1895 Pittsburgh so definitely gonna have to give the Mistborn one a try. Plus it was such a cool system of magic. Even if I hated the ending.

        • Alas says:

          I HAET WoT and read it because Sanderson is finishing it. Unfortunately, it’s still just more braid tugging and bosom ogling. The pacing is much better with Sanderson at the helm, though.

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