The epic saga continues

Parts 1&2 of this can be found here and here. Thanks again to Zelmaru of Murloc Parliament for putting so much effort and time into this fabulous rewrite of:

The WoW Iliad, book 1, part three

Achilles nerdraged, and his heart was divided whether to /duel Agamemnon, or to restrain himself and check his anger. While he was thus in two minds, and was typing out /duel, GM-Athena sent him a tell (for GM-Hera had sent her in the love she bore to them both). “Why are you here,” said he, “subordinate of GM-Zeus? To see the pride of Agamemnon? Let me tell you–and it shall surely be–he shall pay for this asshattery by losing a duel in an embarrassing manner.”

And GM-Athena said, “I come from Blizzard HQ, if you will hear me, to bid you stay your nerdrage. GM-Hera has sent me, who cares for both of you alike. Cease, then, this brawling, and do not /duel; snark at him if you will, and your snarking will not be vain, for I tell you–and it shall surely be–that you shall hereafter receive phat lewt three times as splendid by reason of this present insult. Hold, therefore, and obey.”

“GM,” answered Achilles, “however angry a man may be, he must do as you two command him. This will be best, for the GMs ever answer the ticket of him who has obeyed them.”

He stayed his hand on the enter button, and deleted his slash command as GM-Athena bade him. Then she went back to Blizzard HQ among the other GMs, and the domain of supervisor GM-Zeus.


The epic saga continues — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, it’s just a short entry today. Still brilliant … but too short.

    In other news, thanks to Zel, I may actually finish reading the Iliad for a second time. I never imagined I would read it ever again, lol.

    • It was really really hard to find places to break up an epic that kind of flows together. So the sections aren’t a uniform length.

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