Mostly because I can

Zel will probably kill me for not posting part five of the WoW Iliad today, but as she’ll have to wait several weeks for an actual opportunity to do so (and may, in fact, forget between now and then that she ever wanted to), I’m going to risk it and bore you all to death with blah blah about me.

First of all, I’m blogging from work. It’s even been sanctioned that I do so. Well, not blogging per se. But if I have free time (and, oh, how I have the free time) I’m welcome to do whatever I want. Read a book. Play games. Write. I had to bring in my own laptop to do this and that is the only real drawback, as the laptop is five or six years old and it shows.

Yesterday, I played Civ IV for a few hours in the afternoon. I must get a new laptop ASAP so that I might play other games. Or not. As I might actually do more writing when I’m not able to do much else with the machine I’ve got.

I have never had a job before where, if you weren’t busy, you damn well better look busy. Well, not since my glorious two and a half years in Presort, which was so long ago it seems like more of a dream than anything.

And the funny thing is? I didn’t even actually apply for this job. I had applied for other jobs within the company and at some point must have checked a “Yes, please consider me for anything I am qualified to do” box. Because when I got the call from the recruiter, the only reason I had the smallest notion of what she was talking about was because I had received an email thanking me for applying.

What sort of dork gets a job she didn’t even look for? My sort of dork, I guess.

I probably wouldn’t have applied for this one, either, had I come across it on my own. Hospitality? Making coffee? I have different aspirations than that.

And I still do. But this is a foot in the door with a company that works very closely with the field I am actually interested in. They are good about promoting leaders. And while I am here, my co-worker is very nice, my boss is flexible and when I’m not using my downtime for my own nefarious purposes, I’m getting an excellent workout by hustling things up and down five flights of stairs.

For me, being content and having the sorts of intangible perks that I have already found here, is so much more important than any title or amount of money you could give me in exchange for being miserable. I’ve done misery for the better part of the last eight years. I didn’t like it.

Anyhow, no real point to this except to say that so far, I am happy with the new job. Life without Kooky is awesome. 9-5:30 is weird. And, maybe someday, I’ll get home and have the energy to log into WoW so my guild won’t forget who I am.


Mostly because I can — 3 Comments

  1. Why did you put this happy post on here? Who are you and what have you done with Alas?

    In all honesty, this is great to hear. You deserve to be content and relaxed at work for a change. And if the company pays attention, they’ll be sure to move you up the ladder.