Unintended hiatus

So, uh, I guess it’s been a week since I last posted anything and then I didn’t even have the courtesy to let that something be mine.

I have noticed a distinct lack of WoW in my life lately, and no, it’s not because I’ve secretly been in a Star Wars beta this whole time. I just haven’t bothered logging into the game and so haven’t had much to say.

But I have been doing a lot of thinking about WoW lately, and ended up telling my guild yesterday that it’s fairly likely that I’ll be making some big changes within the next several months. Not playing any more is one possibility. Having been out of the game for a week and not even really realizing it or missing it is one indicator that I’m bored with it.

A lot of my guild is in a similar boat, from what I can gather. Raid sign ups have dropped (though the prospect of doing something that isn’t bloody Firelands seems to have rekindled some interest all around) and I know of several people that are going to unsub to WoW as soon as swtor launches. Thinking about losing raiders made me realize that if I do keep playing, I’m just not up for rebuilding a raiding team. If EtI loses enough people to not be able to raid, then I might take Alas to be a peon somewhere else… but then again, I might not.

I don’t think it’s burnout. I think it’s boredom. I think it’s the prospect of losing people I liked playing with. I think it’s exhaustion after several years of leading.

So I don’t really have anything to say here. Except to announce that I may not have much to say here in the future. I’m not sure what to do about this space if I do end up quitting WoW. But that’s a problem for if and when that happens.

I think I’d at least like to finish P&P + WoW. But if I am quiet around here aside from that, this is why. I’m just not finding the magic in WoW anymore and even the prospect of new dungeons and a new raid isn’t getting me any more excited.

-Alas the Apathetic


Unintended hiatus — 3 Comments

  1. I always find myself a bit sadden to read about someone who may be quitting the game and/or blogging. Of coarse, I fully realize that change is constant. Wheather it’s in the game, or irl.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you happiness and long life.

  2. All I’d say is this: take a break (for longer than a week) and see if you miss it. See *what* you miss, if you miss something. See how it feels to come back afterward. And then, if you’re still not interested, it’ll be clear.