After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the Effers finally had someone step up and declare themselves for taking over as GM. I’m so relieved that someone is willing and that I can feel comfortable in believing she will be capable. More than capable.

Nothing is finalized yet, but I can’t see a vote going against her. I just can’t.

Do other former or current GM’s feel like the idea of passing off the guild to someone else to lead is a bit like kicking the baby bird out of the nest? You sure hope they’ll be able to fly that thing, but until it gets to the very edge you just have no way of knowing. I wasn’t sure I could believe that anyone else would be “good enough” (whatever the fuck that even means) to take over, but when it is down to the line, I see that someone else is.

And I’m so damn relieved.


Relief — 2 Comments

  1. I keep nursing a secret hope that if a good GM steps up and you get used to the idea of being a peon, that you’ll stick around. Not to be maudlin, but the main reason for server xfering in the first place was that I thought you, Zel, Gnoble, Rhii, et al were really cool people to be around! Having lost so many, I’m selfishly clinging to what’s left of the posse :)