Not dead

But it’s been…. I don’t even know how long since I last logged into WoW. I feel like an ass, which is maybe fitting. But having divested myself of the GM title, there’s pretty much nothing that makes me feel like I ought to log in. I occasionally get a pang to see Alas and wander around Stormwind and perhaps finish taking those screenshots I’ve been meaning to take, but then I remember Alas isn’t a human and I’ve seen Stormwind thousands of times and I have until April to get those screenshots taken.

Real Life Blah Blah

The new job is going well. I’ve been at it for a bit over a month now and despite the fact that I dislike people in general and have never cared much for the smell of coffee, I’m quite content here. Most days see me putting in about 10-15 minutes of effort for every hour I’m here, with the rest of my time being spent dicking around on my laptop. Because I have so much downtime, I finally replaced the 6-year old laptop and now have an incredibly sweet, incredibly fast and incredibly monstrous gaming laptop.

So I game between everything else, whether it’s checking the coffee levels on all five floors or setting up the nightly boozefest or reading blogs. I also write when the mood strikes, just typically not here. I am indulging in my shameful love of FanFic.


Which brings me to a confession. Not the FanFic thing. The bit where I am writing elsewhere. I’m playing SWTOR now and enjoying the change of pace and scenery. And like so many Effers before me, I have switched to a new blog for that. I’ve been trying to decide what to say about that here. And there it is, I suppose. I’m not advertising more than that, though I do know it wouldn’t take a genius to find me.

So if you care about my gaming adventures and don’t want to track me down, you can ask and I might tell you the new blog site. For adventures of the derp that is Alas IRL, you can hang out here and get all the details on just how often I start to make a pot of coffee only to realize that I didn’t put any grounds in and am brewing hot water through an empty filter. Or the number of times I forget to put the pot underneath first. My daily life, it is scintillating.

But if you were here for WoW-related nonsense, that ship has more or less sailed. And I don’t blame you one bit for leaving along with it.



Not dead — 4 Comments

  1. When people say things like “It wouldn’t take a genius to find me”, it makes me feel really stupid when I can’t find them. Sigh.

  2. I’m no genius, and I may be wrong, but I kinda hope it’s A New Dope. Will miss you blogging here. Afraid to play SWTOR or join your guild there, for fear it will drive you to leave that game too….