Looking for Guild

I’m officially putting myself on the market. There’s been some developments over the past week that have made the decision to leave the Effers the only real choice for me. It’s a decision tinged with sadness, but I admit to also being a little excited about the whole world of opportunity that is in front of me.

What I’m looking for

I’m looking for a guild where I hopefully already know a few people, which is why I am starting my search here. I’d like for there to be some social aspect to it – not in a “we have organized social events” sort of way, but in a “there’s usually a handful of people around who would likely run heroics with you” sort of way.

Since I am a huge PVP wuss, I’d like a PVE server.

The opportunity to do some light raiding would be nice. I’m not looking to be on any A-teams, but if you have an alt night or are pretty relaxed raiders in general and my skill and gear levels would meet either of those criteria, I’d like to have a shot at something like that.

Otherwise, I guess I want a group of people who are mature and who don’t dick around when it comes to group activities. If your raid starts on time and people are focused while they’re in there, that’s exactly the raiding environment I prefer. If people are allowed to crack jokes without having someone curse at them for it, so much the better.

My availability will be for one night a week and any night from Sunday – Thursday is open. About the earliest I can be available on a weeknight is 7-7:30pm MST. The latest I can stay up without work suffering too much the next day would be 11-11:30pm MST. Sunday is wide open, though a similar end time would be required.

What you would be getting




I want it to be very clear up-front that you would be getting my primary character in my secondary game. My SWTOR guild comes first and it looks as though our big nights will be Friday and Saturday. If this is a problem, then you probably don’t want me.

So that’s one mage. I’m willing to server and/or faction transfer exactly one character. I’ve played a mage for five years, so I am comfortable in saying I understand the class and am familiar with my utility. I’m most comfortable in arcane, but would be willing to put some effort into either frost or fire if it were asked of me.

I’ve never been a theorycrafter or really into reading a lot of theorycrafting stuff. That said, if my performance isn’t up to par, I’ll happily go to work on improving as best as I can in the limited time I’ll have to do it. I’ll even try to grind some VP since I’m about a tier behind gear-wise.

My professions are currently tailoring and alchemy (elixir spec). Since I would be losing my herbalist alt in a transfer, I will more than likely be changing something on the professions front anyway. So if there was a gap I could fill, I’d be willing to at least entertain the notion of starting all over with completely new professions.

I’m also willing to do some fishing and cooking. Fishing is a nice at-work activity.

Final Notes

Firstly, I’m not in an enormous rush to make a change. I’d like the opportunity to roll a baby alt and spend some time checking out a guild before committing money to a transfer.

I’m not looking for special treatment. If your guild requires an app, I’m happy to fill one out. Or whatever. However, I do have a stipulation for joining any guild, the details of which I am not going to discuss on my blog, but would be more than happy to share in a more closed setting. It’s not something most guilds should have to even worry about, I don’t think.

Along with the non-diva promise, I won’t cry about loot or sitting out raids. I know I wouldn’t be a highly contributing member and I don’t want to be a liability.

And that’s me. I’m open for any questions or comments. You can leave ‘em on this post or email me at alas (at) kissmyalas (dot) com.


Looking for Guild — 4 Comments

  1. If it weren’t for the reason that Grimm was looking for a place to go in the first place, my old guild (where my warlock still lives and raids) would be close to perfect (especially since I can tell you who to put on ignore right off the bat :D )

    Having said that, if you come up dry (and I find it hard to imagine you would), you know how to find me.

    With this, pretty much all the people that got me interested in moving to EtI in the first place (no offense meant to those I didn’t know or who came later) have moved on. It really ISN’T the same guild anymore.

    Helpful hint: With the LFR feature now open to other things, you can trial-raid with anyone that has your RealID on other servers. On the down side, that means you’d have to share your personal info with people that you might later wish to lose track of. I’ve never actually tried to remove a RealID friend, but I guess that’s an option.

  2. I hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for. It’s a shame we’re on opposite sides of the Ocean, because my alt’s Horde guild (where I am playing a lot at the moment to escape from my own guild *lol*) would have been perfect :P

    With the size of US servers though, I’m sure there’ll be several guilds over there with the same great mentality. I hope you’ll find one!

  3. Well I would have offered up my guild but we raid an hour earlier then the hours you put up AND we’re a pvp server. I was joking earlier to someone that I would kill to have a reliable raiding Mage but I’m sure you’ll find a great home for your Mage. I mean Mages are the awesome and who wouldn’t want one?

    Good luck in your search and let us know once you find a home!

  4. I’d be happy to talk to you about my guild (Parallel on Kael’thas), however I think we’re a little less focused in terms of raiding than you prefer. Starting on time would be lovely, but when barely fielding a 10-man team we don’t have the luxury of enforcing anything. We have no officers or real GM – just a bunch of adults playing together. We’ve never actively recruited but would welcome anyone who wanted to find a mature set of players with which to run heroics, engage in light 10-man raiding (4/8 in Dragon Soul), work on achievements or whatever.

    Good luck in your search! It’s never easy to find the perfect match.