A brief note regarding my guild search

Firstly, thanks to everyone who let me know I’d be welcome to join them. It means a lot to me that so many were willing to take me in with open arms, even knowing that I’m sort of an obnoxious jerk.

Secondly, I’ve made a little list of guilds I want to try and have started rolling some baby alts on various servers. I’m working my way down the list one guild at a time and, since moving Alas anywhere is a big deal to me, I’m planning on taking a bit of time to visit each of the guild prospects until I feel like I’ve found one I could really call home.

So it might be something of a lengthy process for me. I just wanted to let people know, if they haven’t heard from me yet, this is why.


A brief note regarding my guild search — 64 Comments

  1. I have not seen you yet mention how much you enjoy raiding drunk. And at other people’s expense at that. How about mention in your guild search that once a month you raid completely smashed. So much so that even forced the cancelations of two raids known to me in the brief uncomfortable time I had the misfortune of riding with you. You’re a hypocrit in asking for a serious raiding enviroment. One last thing: before anyone seriously considers you for a guild maybe you should let them know about your vindictive nature. Someone crosses you or things are not to your standards( which are backwards and don’t even reflect your own behavior ) you try with all your might to make that person into a villain. Without even thinking in yours lies you justice yourself look stupid because people know better. Full disclosure please ma’am.

    • Greenwich Mean Time is wrong and evil, for there are 4 simultaneous Days, not 1. Greenwich has a midnight to midnight 1 corner day rotation. It has an imaginary midday to midday with broken lines on chart to avoid bible 1 day error conflict. It completely ignores sunup & sundown. Actually, Genesis 1:5 is not even 1 day. What you have is 4 corners, no time rota. Earth has 2 plus quads & 2 minus quads existing as 0 as opposites but, voiding as 1.

    • You yourself say that you crit more when riding drunk… SHE WAS LOOKIN OUT FOR THE GUILD, MAN

    • Alas vindictively cooked me delicious pizza and I ate it and it was too delicious and it made me 3 ounces heavier. TRUE STORY.

    • If raiding drunk is wrong, then I basically never raided “right” in the entire time I played. Riding drunk, of course, is fine, as long as you’re not the driver.

      Anyway, if we’re going to be critical, Orlando di Lasso said it better:

      J’ay grand peur qu’il ne me tue.
      C’est un faux vilain, jaloux
      C’est un vilain, rioteux, grommeleux.
      Je suis jeune et il est vieux.

      But let’s not split hairs. Alas has many other fine qualities as well.

    • Worst thing about Alas having a drink at raid time was that she wouldn’t share! OMG what a hypocrite!

      -Signed another Ex-Guildmate

    • Wait … you. I remember you.

      How you’d get coked up on Drano and start pulling imaginary trash mobs. How you’d bring your bear in for raids and then go sit on the gnomes yelling in Vent, LOOK AT ME I’M A HAT! How you’d bring your hunter and insist on using the sporebat pet because you liked tickling Takk’s ass with it.

      It wasn’t a huge problem that you’d refuse do do trash on Nef because “it hurt your DPS”. After all, you could miss the trash as well as you missed Nef. What was that, stacking Stam because “the healers all hated you”? Well, I know Zel so I could buy that, but insisting on the Wolfslayer because “awesomeness gave you +20 to crit” was just plain silly. It’s only +15, everybody knows that.

      Remember that time you brought your Pally in to “drive” ‘Ballface’ around and you fell into the lava? Remember your excuse? Yeah, we all believed that you had accidentally turned your keyboard backwards. Would wine or beer or even the hard stuff do that? You know the answer. Fermented Lembas Bread is not your friend.

      In the end, you got off easy. While most of us were wanting to post an article on WoW Insider about your addled ass, Alas was pushing back hard, trying to help transition you off to a special place. In the end we accepted her word as GM, but know that you owe her bigtime for that. She justiced you and how. Her backwards standards kept you off of reality TV.

      So next time you break out your Voidwalker as insurance just because you don’t trust the tanks because they have it in for you, imagine for a moment what full disclosure might cost. The great justice might be your own.

  2. I bet the former poster had a hard time riding with you because he didn’t have a magical pony you get while on hard mode. Deathwing does really give you a pony … is true… he said so on teh forums *sage nod*

  3. Ok, I’m not in your guild. Never raided with you or your guildies before. So I have no affiliation or allegiance one way or another. But all the youthful denizens of WoW seem to have an apt saying for this comment…

    “Dude…you mad bro?”

  4. Oh you giant Alashole, I have been in a guild with you for 4 years and I CANNOT BELIEVE you have hidden all of these things from me. All those in-game mails you sent me forbidding me to login for the next 24 hours … you were drinking and raiding weren’t you. WEREN’T YOU?? I knew it didn’t make sense that we had so many guild members I needed to rotate offline on the weekends.

    Your evil and vindictive nature nearly ruined WoW for me even though I’ve never seen it and I am just now learning about it. This completely explains all those times that one thing happened… that you lied about… that one time… when you lied… and I never knew it.

    You’re so selfish. We’ve been friends for years and never once have I heard you make anyone out to be a villain. Obviously you just don’t like me enough to tell me all the things you tell random strangers. I am shocked. SHOCKED.

    Clearly you are backwards to even your own standards. Whatever that means.

  5. “Without even thinking in yours lies you justice yourself look stupid because people know better.”

    I could swear I saw that same sentence in a randomly generated spambot email…

  6. At least he never figured out that you smoke crack while raiding.

    I would make a New Jack City reference here, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get it…

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