Something happened on the way to the AH…

Okay, full disclosure is that I wasn’t going anywhere. Not the forums nor the AH. I was watching the finale of Downton Abbey‘s first season (I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next season being available) and my new GM was chatting me up via gtalk on my phone regarding my gear (poor), spec (arcane) and familiarity with Heroic Dragon Soul (nonexistent).

I assured him I was a gross liability and knew it, but I did end up getting invited to tag along on an alt run with the guild. This turned out to be a Firelands run, and my train of thought went something along the lines of: “Well, I do know those fights and I do need just a bit more rep to hit exalted with those one guys…” so I hopped on board the alt run train.

Logged on, zoned in, was given no chance to drop a mage table before we were off and pulling trash. As though we were all 85’s in normal Deadmines. It was awe inspiring to a noob such as myself. We were like death incarnate. Well, they were. I was behind pretty much the whole time all la la la, my macros are broken.

And we got to Beth, and I was like la la la, there’s a boomkin here, no worries on the spiderlings… and we pulled… and there was extra shit on the ground. It hurt. It was brownish (like shit ought to be) and it slowed me down and it was about then that I twigged to the fact that we were in heroic mode Firelands.

I eeped.

I informed At I had NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER being there.

I died, despite the healer’s most valiant efforts.

I got an achievement anyhow. And then a few more on top of it, all with varying degrees of floor kissing. (I was about 50/50, which I think is okay, considering I had pretty much no damn idea what the special heroic mode changes were in mechanics…) (though I did pull up a guide on my second screen and attempt to read about the differences on the way from boss to boss)

Carried all the way. Not ashamed to say it.


And yeah, that happened. I know I was carried though. I know I was a total dead weight. But I had fun and I got to know some of my new guild-mates a bit better and they were all pretty grade AAA awesome.

Oh, and I got exalted with those one guys… and I’m loving, LOVING being in the game with no responsibilities whatsoever. Though after all that awesome getting carried to glory, I think it’s safe to say that the new guild has a feast fisher for as long as I am still subbed. It really seems like the very least I can do. Since, uh, I got three upgrades that I have no idea how to get gemmed or enchanted.

When it comes to finding a new guild? I am clearly winning. And all that shit I said a while ago about this space not being WoW-related? I think I’m a liar. A liar who needs to expound on how I can relate Downton Abbey to WoW.


Something happened on the way to the AH… — 4 Comments

  1. Yay for you, noob. I’m happy you’re happy. Sounds like you stumbled into something good. And we get to continue reading about your adventures in WoW here, so yay for us too.

  2. Like Elfindale said – glad you’re happy! That’s the most important thing after all.

    As a side note, my sister has been bugging me to watch Downtown Abbey, I’m guessing it’s really worth a shot then? ;)

    • Thanks!

      Downton Abbey is enjoyable. I have a friend who really flipped out over it, saying it was better than Castle (I disagree), so I thought I would give it a shot. About half the characters struck me as rather unlikable, but overall? I liked it. Not sure I’d buy it, but I didn’t turn it off after 10 minutes the way I do when something is really dumb.

      I gather the second season may be more gripping so I’m going to try to get a hold of that.