Updates and the dumb

I’m yammering about my real life again. Hold the excitement, please.

The House Search

The great house search of 2012 has born fruit, only a bit more than one week into it. Last night we both fell in love with a house and made an offer.

I mean, just look at the kitchen. And know that the pictures don’t really do it justice.

An omnomnom place to nom


So that’s all very exciting and scary and I’m sort of waiting with baited breath to see what the counter-offer will be. And then experiencing brief flashes of mild panic about the fact that our lease isn’t up until June – even though we should be able to find a new renter because, really, we got a fantastic deal on that condo.

The Weight Loss Program

I had a small gain last week, which left me pretty disappointed. And then I had a really difficult weekend, because it seemed that everything I had available to eat cost all the points for only small servings! And I was hitting a bit more than my max daily points both days.

Between that and the gain, I was all bitter and cranky and freaking hungry and I was sort of mean to poor At. He’s so patient and way too good to me, you guys. I can’t even say.

But I was also dumb. I think you guys like my Alas is Very Dumb stories, no?

The Excessive Dumbness

Part of following Weight Watchers has involved a lot of my sitting at a computer and attempting to enter the information from what we’re cooking into the recipe builder. This is somewhat difficult as we both tend to eyeball things rather than measure them properly. Weight Watchers is all about precision, so it’s sort of a lot of work to add something from our regular menu to the site.

Over the weekend, it was pizza. I use Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough recipe because I’m still sort of on my baking kick and it’s really convenient to have pizza dough ready to pull out of the freezer and use on a whim. Not to mention cheaper and healthier than ordering from Pizza Hut.

We top our pizzas with mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, fresh basil, fresh Roma tomatoes and black olives. Sometimes I’ll make a white garlic sauce and sometimes we’ll use the all-natural red sauce we found at the store.

So we made pizza for dinner on Saturday. Just one pizza since that’s all we had the dough for. While it baked, I went back to the office with all the nutrition labels and started to enter in the list of ingredients. And then I gasped in horror because it worked out to 7 points a slice.

I was devastated. And unsure that I could get through the rest of the night on two pieces of very thin crusted pizza.

But I was also dumb. Because I had used the information from Pioneer Woman’s recipe – which is for two crusts and two pizzas. Not one. I had then used the proper topping information for one pizza, but I tell you, the 4 cups of flour and the 1/3 cup olive oil not split in half as they should have been…. Well, it was killing me.

I only just realized my mistake this morning. After starving on Saturday and eating only two slices of pizza for dinner then and lunch yesterday. Yes. At found me laughing in a somewhat unhinged manner and I’m still not sure if the tears were from laughing so hard or because I was so sad.

I’ve now gone back and modified the recipe in my recipe builder to reflect half the amounts of ingredients that went into the dough and – what do you know? – it should have been 4 points a slice.

I starved for nothing.

Because I’m a dumbass.


Updates and the dumb — 7 Comments

  1. That kitchen looks amazing.

    We’re currently indulging in house-hunting too. So far we’ve learnt that our dream houses are totally different so this is going to be painful and probably far more expensive process than we first thought.

    • Ah, that’s gotta be difficult! Fortunately for me, At and I tend to agree on what is important, though he did take a brief leave of his senses to suggest that we ought to purchase something nearly at the top of our price range that would then require untold thousands of dollars to make livable.

      I hope your own search isn’t as bad as you fear. I actually really enjoy house hunting just for the sheer fun of poking through so many different houses and seeing so many different types of personal style. Some of which I mock and some of which I file away for copying some element of down the road.

  2. Beautiful kitchen! I’m dribbling onto the keyboard… As someone who spent months house-hunting (and hating it) and has FINALLY bought and moved into her house, I’m sending you *hugs* because if it’s as stressful in America (which is where you are, right??) as in England, you need all the hugs you can get!

    • Yes, I am American. :D

      I do find the financial end of the whole thing to be somewhat stressful, mostly because money stresses me out even in the best of times. Otherwise, I do quite like the process – though it can wear me out to spend so much of my free time in a car driving from point to point. I also don’t look forward to actually moving again. At’s idea of hiring muscle to get us from point A to point B is sounding better and better all the time.

      • Oh yes! Definitely get movers! When we moved out for our remodel I insisted that we move our….MY kitchen which then turned into moving every small box (bankers box size for file archiving) in the house because A) I didn’t want my kitchen stuff broken by careless movers and some of it is irreplaceable from my grandmother and B) because I thought moving more would make it less expensive if we only had to pay for them to move the furniture. Moving back in I agreed to have them move the entire kit and kaboodle and holy crap do I want to go back and smack the shit out of past me for moving close to hundreds of boxes. Movers are amazing. It’s funny how less tired you are after a day of moving when you’re standing around directing instead of hauling things back and forth. It was some of the best money we have ever spent.

        Also, your kitchen is awesome and I’m totally drooling over here. Built in wine rack! Awesome chairs WITH NO LEGS at the bar! Sending great house & easy successful negotiation vibes your direction.