What I’ve done, what I’m doing

Between March and last month, I scarcely logged into WoW. SWTOR was fun – I won’t even say anything bad about it even though it obviously didn’t hold my interest for very long – and I am glad on many levels for the break in WoW time that it precipitated.

Coming back to WoW has been very much like easing back into a pair of well-worn shoes. It fits me just so through there. There’s no pinching. No chafing. I’m unlikely to have blisters even after a full day of walking around in them.

New Guild, New Server

Right now, I have a dual focus in WoW, largely thanks to a series of events set off by my move away from Azuremyst and the Effers. For one thing, the baby rogue I rolled over on Moonrunner in order to check out the New Guild (who isn’t so new to me anymore, but about whom I still prefer to be somewhat dodgy1) has been getting most of my time since my return. She’s 80 and still washed ashore on the frigid banks of Northrend. I’d had plans to simply stay there and complete the Loremaster of Northrend achievement and see how far that would get me XP- and level-wise.

However, with MoP just around the corner, I am considering simply trying to hustle her to 85 instead since Alas will require those herbalism skills to pursue her Alchemy. Being a dual-crafter has its drawbacks.

So much for the two characters I have in the New Guild.

That Other New Guild

With my return to WoW, At has decided to follow me both by switching games and by changing servers. I’ve been quoting a warped version of Ruth at him lately:

…whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy guild my guild:

Except, that’s not true. All the reasons that I really enjoy the New Guild are the reasons that At has no interest in being part of it. Things I listed off as assets – Quiet! Focused! Did I mention quiet?! – are negatives to his way of thinking.

So we brangled about for a while and argued over which options were better and have finally decided to keep Alas in the New Guild but to have a guild on the server that At can call home and fill that guild with our friends.

Apparently, I’m something of a magnet. I don’t understand it, but “At and I are derping around on this server” somehow became “At, Elfi, Grimm, More, maybe Azzah, and a part-time Crispy and maybe some other people too, I don’t really know, are going to derp about with extremely casual MoP raiding as we have the time and bloody well feel like it.” That’s on top of the alt-leveling derping we’re already doing in dungeons once a week, in the awesomely-named and Grimm-captained guild we made there.


Being on a new server has proved to be the best decision I could have ever made as it has given me a huge impetus to become self-sufficient once again. The guild in which At finds himself is brand new and has no perks whatsoever. The only professions we have easily available are the ones our two transferred mains carried over. Since I have nothing but time to play at work, I’ve been feverishly farming things on my rogue and sending them along to jumpstart the baby alt’s professions. Since that covers mining and herbing (not to mention the odd bits of cloth and random green drops), I’ve recently started up a baby hunter to tackle skinning and leather working.

Since my focus on my rogue is changing from “avoid Cataclysm” to “hurry up and hit 85 with profession at max,” I’ve decided to revive project #QuATT (Quest All The Things)2 on the baby hunter, so will be working on leveling and getting Loremaster of everything as I go. It’s absurd how quickly it goes with full heirlooms.

So that’s me and what I’ve been doing in anticipation of MoP. And I didn’t even get to say anything about the poor GM I encountered along the way. Maybe next time.

  1. This is no reflection at all on their general awesomeness, but more a desire to leave some of my past in the past. Considering how often it has followed me, I don’t think I’m being completely insane to keep my current guild/identity somewhat secret.
  2. I have a spreadsheet and everything for keeping tabs on random data I find interesting


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  1. Welcome back! (To WoW and WoW blogging and etc.) I know the group of people you are referring to and I’m sure you’ll have a great time there with them. Also you’ve got another friend there so even better. :D

    • Thanks! I am glad to be back and, yes, the server I am on is quite flush with awesome people. I am very happy to have it as a new home!

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