Loving, liking, hating

I’ll be honest. I only think that most of the changes I’ve noticed in game have been from the recent patch, and I more than half suspect one might have come during the hiatus of several months that I took from WoW. I still have opinions about all of them, however. Well, all the ones I’ve noticed.

Arcane spec – This one gets an unqualified HAET from me. I’ve been arcane since early Wrath, without more than situational switching for fights where I needed more ranged AoE options. I had every intention of heading into MoP with my Arcane spec intact, but it took less than 20 minutes at a dummy to convince me that it’s not working properly. I haven’t looked back since then, but perhaps after some leveling and gearing I might pick it back up as an offspec.

Archaeology – Liking. I mean, it’s still Archaeology, so I’m not over the moon about it at all. But I am certainly appreciating that I tend to get more fragments per dig and that there are more digs per zone before it disappears. Even as a mage with the ability to get around pretty quickly, the travel time that always went into it means that the bigger rewards for the time were long-overdue in coming. Having them around now means that Alas is closing in hard and fast on several more achievements in the profession.

Druid travel form – Loving it. I think most of the old druid forms needed a makeover and this one is the best I’ve seen so far. Having the glyph to allow someone to ride you while in travel form is just a fun little perk. Granted, no one has mounted Franquility. But I have totally mounted At. Also, this excellent fodder for dirty jokes and you guys know I love my dirty jokes.

Fire spec – Loving this as well, and it’s actually nice to feel like fire is something I have a better handle on now. I haven’t done much with fire since the end of BC, but it’s still a bit like coming home. Only this time I actually get some control over my procs and free Pyroblasts and my mana seems nigh infinite.

Fishing – Liking the changes here. I try to pick up fishing on my baby alts and do the fishing daily whenever I find myself in a major city. With the server change I made, I don’t quite have all my resources back up to snuff, so many of these baby alts are short on bag space, particularly as I attempt to level professions. Not having to carry around a fishing pole is a nice bonus. Not having to take the time to actually equip a fishing pole is also helping to make a profession I don’t really care for become more palatable.

Mana gems – It seems a little strong to say I hate the changes to mana gems, but I certainly don’t like it! It’s not the most game-breaking thing in the world to have mana gems disappear after being logged out for 15 minutes, but I got used to always have one in my bags and needing to make them only as I actually used them. Having to recall to make it when I log in is annoying. Having it hop all over my bags instead of staying in the spot I’ve always kept them is doubly so. And yeah, I know that I hardly need one for dailies with my infinite mana pool and all, but this is a small quality of life issue that just rankles me.

Mounts, pets and achievements – I would have to admit to a bit of ambivalance about this whole thing. I absolutely enjoy having my Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth available on all my characters as it’s a nice way to clear out some bag space while in the middle of nowhere. At least, whenever I actually remember it’s an option I do.

The pets, I really don’t give a flying leap about. I mean, I’ll get pets if I have the time or resources or rep just for the sake of it, but I’m not an avid collector. The whole pet battling system still seems rather silly to me, although I will at least give it a try before wholly dismissing it.

It’s the achievement thing that sort of gets my goat. I understand that I would appreciate it if I ever decided to main change and still wanted to flaunt my old raiding titles, but it did put a fork in Project #QuATT. I haven’t been able to even look at my hunter since the game decided she already had Loremaster. I suspect I’ll get over it. Eventually. Maybe.

Profession tools – Love! This is certainly coming from the place of LEVEL ALL THE THINGS that I’ve got going on right now as I wait for MoP to hit. But having an extra 10 skillpoints in a given profession just because I’ve got the skinning knife or the mining pick in my bag already has been a nice bonus. My only real problem is that I left my high-level engineer on my old server and I now want all my alts to have a Gnomish Army Knife. I mean, sure, I could buy some off the AH, but that goes against every cheap bone I have in my body. Fortunately, I’m cooking up a workaround.

What changes do you love, like or simply loath?


Loving, liking, hating — 10 Comments

  1. The Arcane nerf hit me too, although my character was only level 73 or so at the time. I went from completely dominating DPS charts on bosses*, to barely managing to beat the healer sometimes.

    Switched to Fire and now everything’s back to normal. Except for hunters beating me too. Meh.

    * yes yes I know, bosses in normal WOTLK dungeons die in 15 seconds, but still

    • I had heard it was scaling better at lower levels, but I guess maybe that was for someone in the 60ish area. It’s a real pity that it got so unmanageable, but I’m not wholly opposed to setting things on fire so I’ll live.

    • I admit I had to take a long look at the dummy before I realized it had gone up a few levels. Even on the non-boss dummies though, dps was subpar. Even worse, I couldn’t seem to manage my mana well enough at all to sustain a good rotation for any real length of time.

    • That’s okay! I think I’m the only person on the planet that doesn’t give a damn about mogging!