On pressure and expansions

The calendar keeps startling me. Not all that long ago it was one month until the xpac. Then one week. And now we’re down to the wait of several hours.

I’m excited, but I’m not that excited. In the past, I’ve arranged to have time off and have made plans to power-level. Never to the point where I was actively trying for a server first of anything, because I know that would lead straight to disappointment and anger when I didn’t get it.

This time will be different. Oh, I am sure my free moments will all be going to getting to level 90, but I’m not taking time off work (er, not that I would need to) and I won’t be frantic about leveling my professions. This time, I want to enjoy the ride. I want to take time to admire the scenery rather than have conniption fits that the area is too overcrowded and nothing is respawning quickly enough. I’m going to make some easy cash by selling anything I gather for the first few days.

For the past several expansions I have raced towards max everything and then wondered a few weeks later what difference it really made. None of the stress and effort got me into a raid any sooner. None of it made me fabulously wealthy. None of it made me walk away saying that being the first person in the guild to reach the new level cap was totally worth it. Still less worth it was the way I would be the only alchemist who could make certain things for my guild for a while.

It was all pressure on top of pressure.

Of course, the ironic part of all this, is that I am now in a guild where I expect that sort of drive will be more the norm. I suspect I’ll look something like a laggard by comparison.

But that’s okay by me. I want my first impression of actually being in the new expansion to be about the fun I’m currently having rather than the fun I hope to have. After all, isn’t that the beauty of end-game? It’ll still be there, completely undiminished by anyone else having got there ahead of you.


On pressure and expansions — 9 Comments

  1. I totally agree with all this. I just can’t work up the enthusiasm to push, push, push. Someone asked me if I wanted to join in a dungeon grind to 90. I thought why? Why would I want to spend 24 hours grinding the same dungeon over and over when Blizzard have spent so long preparing the most amazing experience for us all. Why would I rush to 90 and RAID only to be bored in a month or two when I’ve ‘Done it all’. Nope. I am going to stop and smell the flowers, coax the little critters into my bags and enjoy my time. I hope you do too :)

    • Dungeon grind to 90? Ugh. That just sounds like a recipe for burnout.

      I am looking forward to taking a relaxed approach to leveling. Of course, I am sure I’ll still be logging more time overall in the next week or two than I have in the past few months! Have fun with your leveling experience!

  2. This is always my approach to new content, and I do highly recommend it.

    When I joined your guild back in T11 days, I was already 85, so it was a non-issue. But I’m curious … was there pressure on guild members to race to 85 back then? I wasn’t really all that aware of guild culture at that point aside from knowing I felt comfortable being there.

    Feel free to ignore if it’s not something you want to talk about :)

    • We actually formed up EtI after getting to 85, so there’s no precedent for guild culture and leveling there.

      I’ve always felt a pressure (likely all imagined) as GM to try to be on the forefront of getting ready. Of course, in the guild before EtI, that was never an issue as very few people had any sort of real drive. Lazy people!

  3. Thanks for this post, that’s just what I needed!! Some part inside me WANTS to race to 90 and be first and stuff, but as someone with a full time job and a toddler, it just ain’t going to happen! And even if I did have the flexibility to take time off to dedicate to doing that, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. It’s all about accepting it and having fun with the actual fun (very technical concept *nods*)