Thoughts on MoP

With all my spare moments of late having gone to actually experiencing MoP, I am well behind the general curve of writing about it. That’s okay. If I were ever topical and timely, I think the world would end.

As I write this, I am waiting for my husband to finish disenchanting whatever it is he hasĀ molderingĀ in his bags and do whatever else might take his fancy before we press on. We’re both 88 and wandering across Kun-Lai Summit.

And it’s the togetherness that I want to talk about first. So far, it’s my only big complaint about this expansion. Not At. He’s my hero, standing in front of my pagoda-shoulders-clad self and taking the beating I so richly deserve for setting things on fire. But trying to quest as a duo can be, frankly, rather shitty.

I don’t understand why Blizzard did many of these quests the way they did. It’s a strange sort of split, where some of the quests function better with a pair, the way they always have, where two people killing the crap out of 15 whosits goes faster than it would with only one person trying to do it. But then there’s the quests that have traditionally given credit to both parties – healing NPC’s, talking to That Guy, examining This Place – that now require each person to act on their own, making the process take twice as long.

Even more baffling are quests like the one where you’re asked to get snake heads and not every snake apparently has a head but when they do, both you and your leveling companion get the loot.

So yeah, questing in pairs could have been smoothed out a lot, but that’s genuinely my only


complaint so far. Well, that and the shoulders. If they continue to look like small roofs I’ll have to break down and mog them into something less obnoxious.

That being the only negative in my mind so far, I could just say everything else is great. But a few highlights for me are:


I love that I don’t need to keep running back and forth to a trainer just to see what I might have that is new. I enjoyed crafting roughly 100 health potions and seeing my character give the little spasm that indicates new knowledge going over with every potion I made. I still have to compare what I have in my recipe book to a complete list on another site, but judging from past experience, I think I have just about everything without even trying.

The Scenery

I admit I’ve never been hugely into Asian-inspired themes, but I don’t think anything I’ve seen so far has been anything other than lovely. Maybe it’s just a change that I needed after all the blandly monotonous feel of Cataclysm’s new zones, but I’m digging the beauty of the zones I’ve seen and the dungeons I’ve been through.


Speaking of dungeons, I like the balance I’ve seen so far between interesting and engaging mechanics and straightforward AoE-festing. It seems like there’s a good mix of the swiftness one could achieve back in Wrath 5-mans with some areas that are a bit more challenging. I’m definitely looking forward to hitting 90 and starting to tackle the heroic versions.

To conclude

I think those are the three biggest things I’ve enjoyed so far. What I’m finding interesting is how so many people are so enraptured by this expansion. I certainly didn’t expect to be – didn’t even think I’d be playing – and am now eating my words from when I wrinkled my nose and said that I couldn’t believe Blizzard would do such a thing, that they were clearly just cashing in whatever old ideas they had lingering from WC3.

I’m still in favor of seeing an expansion revolve around the Emerald Dream – I think they could do some really interesting things with that whole concept. But MoP? It doesn’t suck. Not even a little. I have no problems saying I was wrong in my initial distaste and I cannot wait to see if all the great touches carry through into raids. I really need for that aspect of the game to not be a letdown.



Thoughts on MoP — 2 Comments

  1. I am having a blast with the expansion as well. My SO and I started out questing together but ran into some of the annoyances you note and now mostly do or own thing in a party, queuing up for random dungeons together. Got spoiled by how well swtor handled grouping.

    • I wasn’t even mentally comparing MoP questing to swtor questing, but I think you’re right that swtor spoiled everyone a bit in that regard. I do think Blizz is picking up ideas from swtor all the time, so hopefully ease of group questing will be something they take a look at soon!