Mountain of mount misadventures

A day in the life of questing with At: a short, illustrated tale

At: Alright! I’m ready to go! Let’s hit it!

Alas: Err, what are you doing back there?


At: I’m your rearguard, baby! Keepin’ an eye out for mobs we might have missed!

Alas: But your mace is poking me!

At: You’d have a similar problem if I turned around… if you know what I mean.

Alas: Oh, lord.


At: This’ll be great for both of us. You’ll see. You can keep your eyes on the road and I’ll be ready to spring into action the moment something comes after your fine tail.

Alas: *sigh* I wish I had never race changed. The tail jokes are so old.

At: This is valuable already. Know how I know? I can tell you that we’re moving away from a tree that appears to be on fire. Moving away from things that are on fire is a good thing. You’re all the hotness I need in my life, baby.

Alas: Um. We just passed by the tree that’s on fire. I already saw it. Honestly, you’re giving me updates from my life, two seconds ago. I remember.

At: Well, if you don’t like me riding this way, I suppose I could remount. Or, we could both dismount and then mount other things. If you know what I mean.

Alas: …remount. Not me. The rocket.

At: You’re no fun.

Alas: Oh my god, what are you doing now?


At: Best of both worlds, baby! I can keep an eye on the peripheral and the rear this way!

Alas: What about the other side?

At: Oh, you’re right. Umm. Can you stop for a second?

Alas: Now what?


At: Now I got the other side covered!

Alas: You know what?

At: What?

Alas: It’s time for you to drive.

At: If you say so, baby.


At: I dunno, baby. I think all your shouting is scaring my mammoth. Could you maybe it keep it down back there?


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