Rage against the VP cap

After putting in a solid week of being faithful about doing all my dailies every day, I’ve found that’s about enough to hit the VP cap a few days before the weekly reset. I am, much like Lady Catherine De Bourgh, most seriously displeased.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand the need for a VP cap. In the past, having never been the type of person to run heroics until my eyes started bleeding, I’ve never even been bothered by the arbitrary ceiling since I rarely ever hit it.

But yesterday and today, dailies have been mildly depressing. Sure, I’m still getting rep – and that is the main thing. I’m also getting more of those Lesser Charms of Good Fortune1. There’s some gold in there somewhere, all earmarked for my eventual yak-buying shenanigans. But the quest givers still swear they’ll give me my five VP and then renege on that promise.

Those. Assholes.

Again, I understand the cap. But couldn’t there be some sort of compromise on this score for people who are hitting it early in the week? Couldn’t we get, I don’t know, some extra gold or even some JP instead? It’s early enough in the tier that I still have several gear holes I wouldn’t mind plugging with JP gear, rather than effing PvP gear.2 It just seems like there should be something else we could get, rather than a sad feeling when you’ve done 30 odd dailies and still only see an angry red message that you are 1000/1000 weekly VP. Try again Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday and my general sense of rage over weekly resets, those goddamn Charms of Good Fortune are killing me. I have three week’s worth of turn-ins on those, all taking up space in my bags and bank, because we haven’t crossed an arbitrary threshold yet. And this is one roadblock I don’t get at all. How does it hurt anyone if I go into a raid with six or nine Elder Charms of Good Fortune? For that matter, why do they only allow us a max of ten?

So they can keep us doing dailies long after we’ve stopped needing the rep?

That’s lame. Or to quote Lady Cat again,

 Yes, yes but this is all extremely vexing… I’m quite put out!

  1. Why these can’t be a currency is currently beyond me.
  2. But this is a whole other rant about my terribad luck in heroics where the only cloth that drops is healer cloth.


Rage against the VP cap — 4 Comments

  1. I guess I don’t get it. Blizzard artificially slows people down from consuming the entire expansion in the space of a month by literally not giving you anything useful for doing 500 dailies a week, and yet you’re still doing them?

    I…I don’t get it. Explain it to me like I’m five.

    • Well, I am primarily doing dailies in order to get my rep up so that I can have nice epics for raiding. So they are useful on that end.

      Once I hit exalted with everyone, I won’t have enough motivation to do the grind I’m doing now. But I am sure I will still be doing some if only because Blizzard tied extra loot from raids and very easy VP to them. My problem isn’t that I’m getting nothing at all. My problem is that I don’t get something else when I’ve hit a cap in one thing. Seems like I’m being ripped off somehow.

      • I admit I’m not up to date on dailies and reps and VP (I’m not currently raiding so I’m avoiding dailies like the plague). But… you’re doing the dailies for rep primarily, right? And even after you’re at VP cap, you’re still getting rep? And we also had a VP cap in Cata too… I just don’t see the big difference, honestly, it’s the same system we had before.

        (I also don’t see why someone would willingly subject him/herself to so many dailies as to ever hit VP cap from them, but then again I loathe dailies in general :P)

        • Yes, I am doing dailies primarily for rep and the VP cap doesn’t turn off the rep flow. I just feel that if the cap is hit, an alternate reward could be offered. Didn’t it used to be that if you VP-capped, you would start earning JP? I’d be all over that.

          As to why I go the daily route, it’s the only route for rep AND I can fit them in around my few minutes of actually working at work. If I need to step away for whatever reason, I can just find a safe place and go do whatever needs doing. I doubt most random groups would be accepting of that if I were to try LFD if it were a rep option.