Give us this day our daily rant

You know how, in romantic movies, there is often a scene where both of the lead characters reach for the same item and brush each other’s hand? They then look at each other with surprise and their raised eyebrows swiftly morph into warm smiles and telling blushes. They have the same taste in obscure literature/bands/food. It’s love.

Running WoW dailies is just like that, with the small exception being that when two people go for the same thing at the same time, it’s more likely to end in raised swords and fireballs to the face. Or a lot of cursing.

Totally romantic, right?

I honestly don’t normally have to deal with very much of that sort of thing, since I usually do my dailies in the morning and there are only a handful of other people out and about at the same time. Normally, dailies are peaceful.

Thanks to maintenance today, they were¬†very much not my normal dailies. For one thing, it took me a full extra hour to get through all of them and this was at a time of day when I don’t have nearly as many work interruptions to contend with. And it took longer because, unlike what seems to be about 90% of my server’s population, I’m not actively out there trying to be an asshole about it.

But after today, I’m a little closer to ripping up my “Basically Nice Person” card and getting on board the asshole train. Somewhere around the fifth time I had someone come and pick up a quest item I was after (eggs, vegetables, you name it they stole it) while I was busy fighting the mob that had prevented me from just sauntering over and grabbing it, I snapped.

Fine, I snarled at the screen. Let’s see how you like it!

Then I proceeded to follow around the horde DK who had stolen my egg and snatched every single one of his. I cackled madly while doing so because it felt so good to be evil. I’m pretty sure he went home crying.

…except that none of that happened. I fantasized about it and that’s far as it went, because I don’t see the point in adding to the overall problem.

So here I am, impotently pissed off at the absolutely selfish and juvenile behavior that I’m seeing from nearly everyone out there in my neck of the woods. It’s enough to make me wish that there was some way to take the MMO out of my RPG, because the community isn’t an asset when they’re mostly being asses.

To the one Panda Monk who backed off from my vegetables once you saw that I was after them, thank you for being the one ray of light in what was otherwise a terribly daily grind.

To the people who have to deal with dailies at peak times every day, I’m so sorry. I will cut you a lot more slack when you complain about how long they take.

And to tomorrow, may the morning be maintenance- and realm restart-free so I can regain some sanity as I go about my business.


Give us this day our daily rant — 4 Comments

  1. I just started playing Guild Wars 2. For casual ole me, it’s pretty great. Nodes are personal to each player, loot is personal to each player, you only need to hit a mob once to get credit for the kill. In short, there is very little competition or camping in the PVE game. WoW picked up some tricks from TOR, it should pick up a few of those from GW2 (although I did read about personal loot in raids).

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  3. Depending on my character, I always go for the ‘node’ first and fight the mob second. Paladin – stun, loot, fight. Rogue – sap, loot, fight. Warlock – pet attack, loot, fight.

    Recently I saw someone fighting a mob next to a herb I had my eye on. I decided to wait and see if they went for it after the mob died. Then along came another herbalist and took it anyway, so we both lost out, but next time I will still wait and see, because that’s who I am.

    Another time I was heading for a node and saw someone else doing the exact same thing. Now I usually back off in these situations, as while they are on that one, I can run and get the next one – no big deal. But this person actually shapeshifted to a stag just to make sure they got there first. Is it really that important? Are people that desperate?

  4. With AliPally here. If you have a CC option, use that first. Blinding light, HoJ, sheep, hex, sap/blind – even gouge in a pinch – and grab the item. *Then* see to the mob.

    There isn’t a single class I can think of that can’t disable a mob every half a minute or so. Because PvP.