A lack of deep thoughts… or shallow ones

You know what I’ve been doing since I last griped about dailies? Yeah. More dailies. No griping today though. I’ve beat that dead horse as much as I am going to.

Actually, I’m pleased to say that I have finished up a reputation grind or two. Today was the last day I did all the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies, and I really look forward to not having to use up my bandages and fish up golden crap carp every day. Especially since for the last three or four days I’ve finally unlocked and added Shado Pan and August Celestials to my daily rounds.

The Klaxxi and Golden Lotus are creeping up to the midpoint of revered and I have about another week of both of those. Ditto for the Anglers, though they’re the ones I ignore if I’ve reached a point where I just can’t bring myself to do one more set of dailies.

For all of that, gear is coming along slowly. I have been having what may be easily qualified as the worst possible luck with drops in any raid or dungeon I hit. But I’ve been saving my VP up and am going to give something an upgrade before my next raid. All depends on what, if anything, I get out of LFR this week.

I’m addicted to wowjuju.com and their lovely reputation calendar. I’m also digging the buff I get every day before embarking on dailies. It makes my Draenei self feel human again.

Aside from all the work I dump into my main, I sometimes take an hour or two to level an alt. My monk is in her early 20’s and enjoying healing…. as much as she can when being subjected to the vagaries of LFD. Franquility hit Outland and level 61 yesterday, discovering the cruel way that Blizzard will give you flight form at 58 but withhold the ability to fly until 60. I call shenanigans.

And that’s it. A boring update. But then again, all my days are pretty much the same and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

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