I have a number of questions

And that number is two:

1. How on earth did the DPS warrior contrive to DIE in the first 10 seconds when he managed all of 7k dps?

2. Why can’t I sustain my initial burst damage of 70k dps? /pout

As a bonus third question, how did the hunter manage to do less overall damage and dps than the tank? Who is lazy and undergeared. I can say that. He’s my husband.

I’m puzzled and unwilling to run HH much more.

But then I already have my pony



I have a number of questions — 5 Comments

    • Mine could actually shoot up dramatically at nearly any point in a fight. It all depends on when I manage to crit. I just wish I could crit enough to sustain those higher burst numbers.

  1. How did anyone die on the Horseman would be another question?

    Although at around the 13k dps mark, my Holy Priest is constantly either beating the bottom dpser or competing with them. There also seems to be a direct correlation with the badness of their damage and the awesomeness of their goodie bags/luck with rolls. So far I’ve lost both of the spirit rings I’ve seen drop, one to a shadowpriest who did sub 20k and one to a warlock who did sub 10k.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure about that either. My working theory is he had rez sickness. Because I don’t know how someone goes from full health to dead while the tank has aggro.

      Sorry about your ill luck with the rings! My first ring was taken by the healer (so it seems like that’s being a two-way street across the board), so I know how frustrating it is to see something you actually NEED being taken by someone who cannot reforge it enough to make it viable (I won a spirit ring on a greed roll and took a look and…. just no).

      Ahh, LFD, you make us play with some terrible people.

  2. I went in with a group the other day where we wiped within the first minute. I was so stunned I couldn’t even figure out what happened. One of the dps and the tank both screamed obscenities at the healer until he dropped group. We got a new healer pretty quick, started over, and wiped again within the first minute. Clearly this was not the healer’s fault. This time the tank left us and with our new tank we finally finished the fight. Ridiculous.