Grisly Trophies and you in MoP

I have found my spot for current and future Grisly Trophy farming. It went quickly and smoothly enough, so I thought I would share it with everyone else and ask whether anyone else has their own spot all figured out.

I stumbled across mine accidentally. I only wanted to finish skilling up the Way of the Steamer, so I was after Wildfowl Breasts.

A good place for breasts


While there, I noticed that there were a lot of Emperor Terns around and that they both die and respawn very quickly. So in the course of killing the cranes for their breast meat (about a 50% drop rate), I also made sure to steer as many of my AoE attacks at the Terns.

Angry birds!


Within about a quarter hour, I had all my trophies and more than enough Wildfowl Breast to finish out all of the feasts I still needed to make to max out my leveling. I’m torn between giving my extras to At and using them to get more Ironpaw tokens.

But unless someone out there has a more time efficient spot, I think this is where I’ll be in the future for the Darkmoon quest. After all, I do so adore being able to multitask and eventually that flippable table will be mine.


Grisly Trophies and you in MoP — 6 Comments

    • Well, you know, you have to keep these things as fresh as possible! Especially if you’re going to be sticking raw meat in your bank for any length of time.