To Done Lists

I adore a good list. I don’t think that this information would come as a surprise to anyone with more than a passing familiarity with me. I make lists for everything, it seems, from packing for an overnight stay to what’s on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner to how many of what sort of thing I need to finish up my Master of the Ways cooking stuff.

To me, lists aren’t just about having a central location of information, although that is certainly handy. More often, a list is about the progress I’m currently making towards a goal. It’s like I can trick myself into performing a distasteful task (I’m looking at you, fishing) because there’s already a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hannah Hart calls this a ‘To Done’ list. It strikes me that I’m really not actually terribly good at self-motivating most of the time, but I’ve been using lists to give off the impression that I am both extremely organized and good at getting my goals set and accomplished. I guess if the end result is that I do accomplish my goals – even the silly in-game ones like “collect 30 more crocomeats” – then maybe I am that person. Sort of.

Anyhow, I’ve been steadily closing the gap on the cooking front and am looking forward to getting all the random meats and vegetables out of my bank. This is not because I have more important things to put in there, but rather that I enjoy having a mostly empty bank just in case I ever do have something more important to put in there.

When At looked over and saw the splendor of my Google WoW Food To Done list, he got jealous. So while I was waiting for him to do…. something, I created him his own sheet and filled in most of the information.

It then occurred to me that something like that could actually be useful for the community at large, especially if formulas were added to automatically tally how many of which recipe you would need to cook in order to get up to 600 and complete the achievement.

But I’m not that motivated to help other people right now. After all, I have 30 more crocomeats to farm up just for myself and then I’ll probably spend some time and effort in helping At get the things that are on his To Done list. He’s already got the run of my farm since I don’t need to grow any more vegetables for myself, so I feel like I’m giving enough.

But hey, maybe one of you guys already knows of a similar spreadsheet1 to facilitate cooking. Maybe one of you would want to make it yourselves. I’d let you. I’m hella magnanimous that way.

  1. I know there are guides out there that will tell you how many you need of what, but that format doesn’t work for me as well as it does to be able to strikethrough some cells on my own spreadsheet to indicate THIS PART IS DONE.


To Done Lists — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, my name is Arioch and I’m addicted to lists and spreadsheets.

    I made a spreadsheet detailing how to be best friends with all the Tillers after I was done for my boyfriend and his guildies.

    There is scratch paper everywhere with little lists: gear to get, fish to catch, meat to farm, pets to collect.

    And then there’s the real life lists…