the disharmony of spirits of harmony

Welp. It looks like At and I are headed for divorce.

Okay, not really. I just figured if I could get away with wailing about my in-laws planning a visit as though it were the end of the world, I could probably also get away with sensationalist blogging. This is probably untrue, but it seemed like a good way to let you guys know that At and I are having a ridiculously overwrought1 discussion about the merits of Spirits of Harmony as a crafting item.

Our arguments break down like this:


1. They are soulboooound. Whyyyyy are they soulbound? If you want any good weapons crafted, you need to pay someone else to use theirs because you can’t traaaaade them.

2. More QQ I didn’t listen to.

3. It’s toooo haaaard!

4. And, I dunno. More QQ I didn’t listen to.

5. Killing things takes too long for those of us who aren’t ridiculously awesome mages.2


1. They are so easy to obtain! You can plant them in the ground! You can kill things that are easy to kill and get an average of one a day just by doing dailies!

2. They are not like Chaos Orbs from the last xpac, where you had to not only finish a heroic, but also hope that your 20% odds of winning actually netted you one of the damn things. Those were soulbound, too, for most of the xpac.

3. I’m always right.

4. I said in this household I’m always right. Which makes you wrong.

5. Quit talking and fetch me a glass of wine.

You Guys

So what do you guys think? Who is right about this?

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  1. We’ve talked about this more this once. So, you know, clearly a hot topic!
  2. I may be paraphrasing. Slightly.


the disharmony of spirits of harmony — 5 Comments

  1. 1)At is right about the fact that you can’t trade them sucks (I also feel like this about imperial silk).
    2)You are right that they are fairly easy to obtain via farming/dailies.

    At wins because soulbound suckiness beats ease of farming awesomeness. I have all these Spirits and can’t use them. D:

  2. Ugh, since she didn’t bother to post MY argument / complaints, here’s what I was ACTUALLY concerned with:

    Blacksmithing. I needed full sets of blue ilvl 450 tanky and healy paladin gear. I found out that each recipe for a single piece of blue gear requires a Spirit of Harmony for the BS to purchase. In contrast, my lvl 86 JC 600 just got done buying all his blue jewelcrafting recipes for gold. Also, in previous expacs, the blue recipe BS purchases used farmable materials, IE bars made from ore. I hate that it’s Spirits, because I refuse to call them a farmable material the way Ghost Iron or the derivative Trillium is.

    So not only does the recipe itself cost the BS a Spirit, in the case of the weapons, they cost an additional 4-5 more Spirits on top of that. Spirits can’t be traded, and I maintain that they cannot be ‘farmed’. If I can’t run around picking things up off of hillsides for an hour, it doesn’t feel like farming to me.

    On my prot paladin, killing things doesn’t count as farming because it takes me way too long to kill things for it to be remotely viable as a ‘farming’ method.

    Most of this concern was because of knowing that our guild’s only 600 BS that isn’t online very often would have absolutely no way of helping me get my sets together, because no matter how much ore I farmed up, he’d have to be farming for hours for those motes of harmony to be able to get just the recipes. And from the looks of things, this applies to those blue 450 sets for all of BS, LW, and tailoring.

    Some recipes can apparently be bought using Kyparite and rep with Kalaxxi, so that’s cool. But the rest of them, lots and lots of Spirits.

    So that’s my actual argument to vote on.

  3. AT, I hate to break this to you…but, you’re wrong. It isn’t based upon the merits of your argument. It isn’t based upon any discernable data…except one involiable truth.

    Alas is always right. /srsnod

    Sorry man. It’s just one of those things. /pat


  4. I think Spirits are definitely an improvement over the Chaos Orbs of Cata. They are relatively easy to farm once you are level 90. The problem I run into is the alts I have as crafting mules become less useful – they cannot earn them as quickly (this is compounded by the fact that many recipes are locked behind rep dailies). I think making them BOA would be a nice middle ground (although I seem to be saying that about everything lately).

  5. Alas is right.

    The whole point of the system is to put an emphasis on the crafters who put in the work. To get away from the whole “WHY SHOULD I PAY YOU FOR PUSHING A BUTTON?” mentality.

    “Blacksmithing. I needed full sets of blue ilvl 450 tanky and healy paladin gear. I found out that each recipe for a single piece of blue gear requires a Spirit of Harmony for the BS to purchase.”

    Why are you trying to make all of it yourself? It’s an MMO. Advertise in trade that you’re looking for a crafter. The only reason you need to know all of the patterns is if you’re trying to sell the made items on the AH.

    And even then, you can usually find a few specific items that few other people have the recipe for and make a killing on those.

    This system gets away from the scenario where every crafter knows every pattern. It forces dedication to get patterns.

    Also, think of it this way: for each pattern you buy with a spirit, you’re effectively giving up 300+ gold. Do you really value the item as mats plus at least 300 gold? Assuming you don’t (because you shouldn’t), then get someone else to make them.

    “The problem I run into is the alts I have as crafting mules become less useful”

    That’s the point.