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I quote WoW a lot. It seeps into my daily conversation and I often find myself using a line on a coworker or a family member who knows nothing about the game and invariably end up getting funny looks. Especially since, well… here are some of my favorites:

1. Come closer! Come closer and BURN!

2. Time for fun! (You’ll be sorry!) (Time for fun!)1

3. Your pathetic [whatever] betraaaaays you!

4. Run away little girl! Run away…

5. Alas SMASH! You die!

Am I alone in this? Do you guys quote WoW? Which lines are your favorites?2


  1. Anyone else remember the way that guy would glitch sometimes and just keep yelling his phrases back to back?
  2. And why are mine mostly violent?


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  1. Hi, I made an entire twitter bot that does nothing but quote boss dialogue. I don’t often quote it in real life, though.

    My favorites tend to be things I’m doing at the time, my current favorite being the various quotes from the Will of the Emperor encounter.

  2. “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!” Or, on a more personal note, “I was not prepared!”

    I also dig the “Good news” quote because my poor wife sat right behind me the entire time we raided ICC, and never once asked me to put on headphones. :)

    • Oh, Illidan. We could never have been prepared… for all the AWESOME. That is, indeed, another great one. I should have made my list 10 long, rather than only 5.


    It always surprises (/concerns) me how many boss quotes my brain has archived. I use number one on your list a fair bit, usually with the voice. “Flee in terror!” features a lot in shadowpriest PvP. My favourite/most used is from Ingvar, though: “I return! A second chance to carve your skull!” That… that happens almost every time I return from an AFK online, and sometimes when I disappear temporarily into another room for biscuits.

    • I had somehow managed to quite forget about Ingvar. That is a fun one! I may have to use it at work whenever I come back around to each floor on my rounds. I’m sure all the attorneys would be completely fine with such shenanigans. :D

  4. “Run away little girl” gets used a bit too often in our house :p

    Oh and whenever I meet someone who says “I remember you”, I have to bite my tongue to stop myself mentioning mountains in reply. Not sure if I’m worried they won’t get it or that they would.