Dear Blizzard Santa

Dear Blizzard Santa,

I just wanted to write and “thank” you for the lovely animal carcass balls I received from you this year in Ironforge. I’ll be sure to have a good time pretending to play soccer in game, especially since I already pretend to play it with my nephews in real life. Well, I’m playing it just fine. Those two either haven’t figured out the no-hands rule or they’re in training to be goalies.

I digress.

The main thing I wanted to point out to you, Blizzard Santa, is that the only thing I actually asked for this year was a weapon upgrade. I’m not trying to be greedy, but that weapon is the only thing that stands between me and having a full complement of epics, the better to kill the bad guys with. It it also the only thing I need in order to make good use of the present Wrathion gave to me.

I feel as though I have been a fairly good girl this year, Blizzard Santa. I have done my dailies and won the admiration of every faction available to me in this new land of Pandaria. I keep up with my gemming and enchanting and do everything I can to be an asset to my guild. I even make flasks and feasts for my guild to use in raids and sometimes will drop a feast and then go ahead and eat from my own personal store of Mogu Fish Stew just so that I can say I am giving myself every possible edge.

In addition, I have been charitable with both my gold and my crafting materials and have given much to those who are more lazy less fortunate in their ability to get these things for themselves.

To go on for much longer would, I think, start to sound less like a case for my good behavior and more like bragging. But I have been good, Blizzard Santa, and I know Christmas is over, but I was hoping that you could find it in your heart, this Winter Veil Season, to arrange for a weapon for me. This will require some sort of New Year’s miracle intervention, but I believe you are able to make it happen.


Alas the Beloved

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