Lagging out

Hey guys.

Have I complained yet about my recent job development? Have I even mentioned the job development? It… would not appear so, unless I have bitched briefly and idly on The Twittahs.

Well, I’m not surprised.1 I have been damn near catatonic ever since I (foolishly) told my boss that I wanted my coworker’s job and hours. He went part time, so it’s not like I just demanded these things out of the blue.

Damn. My whole narrative is shot.

Oh well. It’s all part of my imaginary charm.

The point is, I am now working a shift that starts at 7:30. After not starting work until 9:00 for over a year, I was not prepared for the violent upheaval the change would have on my life. And I was not prepared for how utterly demanding my job would become when I started having to cover both my new job and my old job all day, every day until whatever distant point in the future they get around to hiring another part time person to help cover the daylight hours.

All in all, I don’t think I’m prepared for anything other than my boss growing a set of horns, donning a blindfold and running around shouting, “You are not prepared!” a whole lot.2

I can totally see that happening. He kind of sucks.

Anyhow, what with work and the dragging sensation of sleep deprivation, my WoW playing time has all but evaporated lately. I’ve been averaging about 10 minutes per day during the week: just long enough to do farm dailies and think about how I really ought to run a random heroic or something. Those VP apparently won’t farm themselves and I’m only halfway towards Wrathion’s 6000 VP demand.

That guy also sucks.

As does WoW Santa, who refuses to cough up the Sha touched weapon already.

Ahem. Anyway.

Oh yes. My brain is lagging and so is my internet connection. It totally fucked me over last Sunday during the raid and though my ISP has claimed to have fixed the issue, they have not. Really, just no. I would call them, but honestly? I don’t do phones and so I need to make At take care of that.

Too bad he’s been gone all week. When he gets home tomorrow, I won’t greet him with anything other than a demand he call up and yell at those lying liars until they do get me back to an acceptable rate of play.

So yeah. Lagging out. It’s been the story of my life lately. How are you guys doing?

  1. But I’m quite sleepy
  2. Although, if he also ditches his shirt and runs around all bare-chested, I’ll cry. A lot.

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