Update: Quest All the Things

Ages ago, I set myself a task to earn Loremaster as I leveled a character. I’ve been curious about how the exercise would work out in terms of finishing content at which levels. In fact, I have been so curious about it that I determined to do it twice, with some differences to each character that is a part of what I’ve been calling Project QuATT.

Over the weekend, I hit the first big milestone on my undead hunter, Lythium. She is where the idea was started, although it wasn’t my intent when I rolled her up. If anything, I was only wanting to see Silverpine and Hillsbrad since I had heard so many good things about their Cataclysm revamps.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to get Loremaster as I went and a few levels into that, I was wondering what level I would be by the time I finished Silithus and the Blasted Lands.

Well, now I know.

This project has certainly grown and evolved along the way, so all my information is not as strictly accurate as I would like it to be. For instance, I was in my low 30’s by the time I began to track anything. Somewhere in Hillsbrad at the time, I backtracked and completed even those quests in the starting areas that don’t count towards Loremaster, wrapped up Ashenvale at level 33 with 55% of the XP bar filled and then completed Hillsbrad before going through the rest of all the Vanilla zones.

My humble tracking spreadsheet


To explain the above picture, the first set of parentheses in each zone is the level I was when I had the achievement pop up. The second set indicates the level I was at when I actually finished all the quests available to me in that zone.

On Lythium, I have purposefully kept her from getting much extra help in the XP gain department, other than the occasional bit of rested. This has been mostly a matter of being on a server where I don’t have any heirlooms, but I have also kept her out of guilds, since some guild perks contribute more XP. Aside from regular questing out in the world, she’s done a handful of cooking dailies and gathers herbs to support her scribing habit.

As I’ve gone along, I’ve tracked all manner of things, including time played from level to level and the amount of gold she has, as well as where her professions are sitting. I don’t think most of that would be of any interest to anyone else1 (it scarcely interests me), so I’m not including it here. But I will share it if anyone out there is a bigger dork than I am and really wants to know.

For the sake of comparison (and because it’s oddly soothing to do this project for reasons I can’t explain), I have started an Alliance hunter on my new home server of Moonrunner. Esyllt 2.0 is much further behind in terms of progression through zones, but she has all the advantages of heirlooms and guild perks as she goes. In fact, the only thing she doesn’t have is a gathering profession that will net her extra XP (she’s skinning/LW).

Got started tracking much sooner here


Still, at the completion of one zone less than what Lythium had in the 1-20 range, the XP gains have remained remarkably close. I suspect the gap will grow in Esyllt’s favor as she gets into zones that are shared more evenly between the two factions.

In case all of this isn’t insane enough, I’m slightly tempted to really try to max XP gains out on a third character, by starting them in Gilneas and rolling them through the starting zones everyone has access to. I’d also give this potential third character both mining and herbalism, not to mention the full heirlooms and guild perks.

Like I said, I find this project soothing. It’s possible that no one else can understand that, but hey. I have two people in my family who claim that mowing the lawn soothes them and I can’t begin to fathom that, so to each their own!

And in case you’ve ever wondered what level you might be at if you did every (non-dungeon) quest available to you as you leveled, now you have a rough idea! I’ll update again as I get through more expansions on Lythium and more zones on Esyllt.

Having written all this out, I cann’t help but think… You know, I really should have made an effort at some point to get the ‘Insane’ title. Obviously, I sort of am.

  1. Also, stuff like the /played isn’t accurate since I’ve done a fair bit of this at work and often left her idling somewhere while I went to make coffee or somesuch


Update: Quest All the Things — 2 Comments

  1. I love little projects like this and cannot wait to read more. I have love spreadsheets that borders on the insane….One minor thing to note, in your Horde Spreadsheet, it appears you actually lost experience in the Western Plaguelands. LoL

    • Hahaha. Guess I goofed my data entry there. Too bad I have NO idea what it ought to be. Will have to be more careful in the future.

      Glad someone else finds this at least mildly interesting!