Hitting a snag

Project QuATT is giving me problems. Outland is a major pain in my ass just at the moment.

Getting Hellfire squared away is easy enough, and I had no issues there. Ditto for Zangarmarsh. Terokkar was a bit more of a struggle, because you have to go into Nagrand and start a chain of quests there that will eventually take you back to Terokkar and allow you to wrap things up there.

I thought I was over the hard bits until I would hit Blade’s Edge, which I do recall being a major pain in the ass, way back when I did it on Alas. Turns out that Nagrand is being even more trouble than I had anticipated it would be.

While all the Nesingwary quests have been revamped so that none of it requires a group and while even Durn the Hungerer has turned into a giant pushover, the Ring of Blood quests still require a group. I soloed the first dude on my own. I am level 71 after all, and a hunter. But the twins? Not happening.

In vain, I searched Wowhead for other quests that would count towards the achievement. There was one that took me back to Terokkar and I thought it seemed promising…. right up until they wanted to send me into Auchindoun. Riiiight. I’m totally go to be able to solo a dungeon.

In fact, the only promising lead I have to finish up Nagrand for now is to head over to SMV and pick up a quest chain that will eventually lead me back to Nagrand to kill some demons and things. Jolly.

Faced with this set of circumstances, I think I am going to simply go ahead and leave Nagrand for now and head to the next zone: Blade’s Edge. When I get to SMV and get sent back to Nagrand, I’ll see if that will be enough to finish out the achievement for me. If not, I will at least possibly be a level or two higher and should have acquired some better gear along the way. Failing all of that, I will start begging Drenden residents that I know for help.

In conclusion, Outland Loremaster is the worst. The very worst. I am so looking forward to getting my undead ass up to Northrend.


Hitting a snag — 6 Comments

  1. I do know that some of the quests that you need to finish out Nagrand require you to have Rep with either Aldor or Scryer in order to pick up the quests at all. Nagrand is the biggest PITA for Loremaster of Outland.

  2. Outland Loremaster IS the very very worst, and Nagrand is possibly the worst of the worst. Be comforted! Once you start the quest lines in SMV and get sent back to Nagrand you will probably have enough for the achieve. That’s what I did. It’s still a massive PITA.

    • Ah well. The things we do in the name of fake science, eh?

      I guess I am just surprised because when the achievements first came out, I had already mopped nearly all of the zones up on Alas (I did all the quests I had left after level capping on her waaaay back in the day for the gold), and it was BEM that sucked hardcore. Trying to chase down the last few I needed there was the biggest PITA ever. I was expecting that to be difficult again (and maybe it will be), so Nagrand’s difficulty has taken me completely by surprise.