On not raiding

It’s been over a month since I last raided.

Last week, I was thinking that it had been a month, and then I spent the whole week in between then and now trying to figure out how I feel about that. I’m still not sure I’ve pinned anything down, so you all get a pointless post wherein I put it all down on the page so that I can come to some sort of conclusion.

It’s just how I process things sometimes.

I do know that I am not terribly upset over this state of affairs. As I told the other mage last week, LFR has done its bit – along with Wrathion’s insane demands for me to earn 6000 VP assistance – to ensure that I’ve seen all the content multiple times, even if it is on ez-mode. I’ve seen it enough times to get sick of it and haven’t been able to bring myself to queue for LFR anything in the same amount of time I’ve been not raiding normal modes with my guild.

At the same time, I do miss raiding with my guild. It’s about the only time there are more than three or four people online at the same time and while raiding tends to happen in near-perfect silence, there is always some banter being typed into raid chat. Even without chatter of any kind, there is a┬ácamaraderie┬áto raiding with one’s guild that comes from just doing something together.

Most of my game time is spent alone these days, and I tend to be okay with that. I’m enjoying my QuATT characters and deliberately seek out time on them each week, because I do value the solo questing time. If I am doing something with someone else, it’s typically with At. We do dailies together most days, and have a couple paired alts that we’re leveling. Just yesterday we spent an hour or two chain running LFD on our level 67 druids. We’re both bears and dual tank the instances, having fun with massive pulls and all that glorious AoE damage.

I’ve also been a bit more active in getting things going via BattleTag friends. I ran the holiday boss a few times with Psynister and Fynralyl, and had loads of fun each time.

My time in WoW is good. I enjoy what I am doing. I’ve definitely learned to not do things I don’t enjoy on characters I don’t enjoy or play with people that I don’t enjoy. But there’s still that something missing, and I think it’s the feeling of teamwork you get from working together with your guild. I think it’s doing something bigger than achieving goals that are only mine, and not shared by more people.

I’m hoping raiding will pick back up soon, even though I know I can be happy enough without it. I’m hoping Real Life will stop critting my guild mates in the face. And in the meantime, I might need to get back into big group activities in some format.

Ah, but that is perhaps a post for another day. My ideas about that are maybe a little less obvious than one might think.


On not raiding — 6 Comments

  1. I haven’t raided for all of a week, hanging up my SWTOR hat for the time being. I find myself missing the people, but not the raids, since we have been running the same thing for the last eternity. When I drift away from WoW, SWTOR, or anything else that has an organized group of friends behind it, it usually is a solo endeavor until I meet people who will group with me and tolerate my low attendance rate. In those cases, it is really the quality of the game that matters, since the socialization decreases. If I enjoy what I am doing, I can handle doing it alone. Not so much if it is boring.

    • I still think you need to come back and give WoW a proper look. By that, I mean level through MoP content. I know you dabbled on a baby hunter and felt it was the same old game, but I think it’s because you were in the same old world. MoP has a few small but, I think, engaging things that we’ve never had before.

      Okay. I’ll get off the soapbox. I do hope that the new games you’re checking out will be able to keep you happily occupied. That talent tree you linked the other day on Twitter seemed insane but very cool.

      • But that would defeat my goal of seeing how long I can go without actually paying for games. I almost caved and spent a little on Path of Exile the other night, more to donate to the cause than actually pay for something.

        The other thing keeping me from going back to WoW (and the reason I started off leveling from scratch when I did), is that I know myself. I know that it won’t be long before I get back on to that never-ending gear treadmill, and no matter how hard I fight it, I will compel myself to get back on it. I am weak.

        • So this is the part where I tell you to give in to your desires… and beg you to transfer to Moonrunner to play with us. <3 <3 Miss you!

  2. We had a lot of fun with that, too.

    I think Fyn’s looking to get in some more experience with running scenarios, heroics and LFR as well, particularly Horde since her healer’s there. So we might be poking you for a group again soon. ;)

    • Sounds awesome! It’ll take a while, but I’ll eventually have my undead hunter up to a point where she’ll be able to mess around with you when you guys are playing that side. Or maybe I’ll talk At into picking up our long-abandoned 80 paladin/priest team. :D