Minipost: A possibly unpopular opinion

Several weeks ago, I saw a bit of a kerfuffle on The Twitters regarding the PvP stage of the legendary quest. I don’t actually recall who was involved in the discussion, so take my recap with a grain of salt. My takeaway was that one side was arguing that PvP shouldn’t be required for a PvE-centric quest line and the other side was more enthusiastically for it.

I knew I was coming up on that part of the chain and I wasn’t inclined to look forward to having to win a few battlegrounds. PvP and I don’t really get along very well in general, and if I am going to engage in it, I prefer to not have to do so on my mage. I favor being able to pick my battles, so I tend to prefer PvP on a rogue or a kitteh druid.

Still, I’ve been meaning to try my hand at more PvP on Alas, simply because I believe it will push me into honing skills that I don’t hone while killing ten whatsits for the sake of a daily. And then came a quest that required I win two battles. I went in expecting to lose a few times. I went in expecting to die a lot. I went in expecting to have to capture a base or a flag. I wasn’t expecting it to be fun.

Turns out, the mechanics of the battlegrounds I needed to win were different, easy enough to figure out on the fly and a whole lot of fun. Oh, and the Alliance waltzed in and won with ease.

The only Powerball I'll ever win


“I love this PvP!” I exclaimed to At after finishing the second battleground. “It’s so much fun!”

“War is only fun when you’re winning,” he observed in reply.

Way to encourage me to branch out there, babe.

The point is, I’ve resented Wrathion a lot along the way for the crap he wants me to do. But for the PvP portion of this quest line, I am grateful. I never would have tried the battlegrounds had I been left to my own devices, and I wouldn’t know that it really can be fun even for me.

And I wouldn’t have mopped up a few more achievements.

So if you are like me and PvP isn’t typically your thing, don’t get mad about it. Just try it. You might like it more than you could have anticipated!


Minipost: A possibly unpopular opinion — 7 Comments

  1. I think this questline is just a clever way to “force” people to try these battlegrounds. They’re really not too bad.

    • I agree. And I see the point. I thought the mechanics of each battleground were fresh and interesting and I think it would be reasonable of Blizzard to want people to see and experience these innovations. I don’t think it’s always right to force PvP into a situation (see most of the holiday achievements), but with this quest line, I think it works well enough with the story arc and is a good way to showcase some fun and new ideas.

  2. No. Just…no. If you saw someone on Twitter kicking and screaming and throwing a completely juvenile tantrum about this PvP nonsense it was likely me, as it’s come up a couple of times lately.

    I will *not* participate in the PvP scene in WoW for any reason. I will not do it in a box, I will not do it with a fox, I will not do PvP, Sam I am. The PvP community in World of Warcraft is–to use an overly-tired cliche–a wretched hive of scum and villlainy, and since Blizzard *refuses* to police the community at all, I refuse to participate. I will do a lot of things I don’t want to do in order to advance my character (Golden Lotus I’m lookin’ at you) but I will *not* spend an afternoon subjecting myself to verbal abuse at the hands of unsupervised teenagers stroking their e-peens at the expense of common decency. I *will not* subject myself to hours of overly-caffeinated morons who think it’s more productive to hurl gender and sexuality-based insults at each other instead of actually, y’know, cooperating to win a battleground. It’s not fun. It’s not “broadening my horizons”. It’s not “forcing me to go outside my comfort zone and do something different,” as folks on Twitter have packaged it. It’s *abuse*, and I will not take it.

    Moreover, I was flat-out appalled at the response this subject got on Teh Twitters. The second time I brought it up, I thought *someone*, *anyone* would say “Hey, this thing isn’t fun, but let’s get a group of BT friends together and knock it out. It won’t be so bad if we do it together.” Instead I got another chorus of snide remarks and “Dude, it’s two battlegrounds. Suck it up.” The WoW Twitter/blog community is better than that…or at least I thought they were.

    TL, DR: Nope nope nope nope nope.

    • Stormy, I know we clashed about this on Twitter and I’m not going to rehash our respective opinions. I will ask though if you know the PVP scene is like this today, or if you are basing this reluctance/distaste of PVP from rumor or old memories? If you’ve had recent experiences in PVP where this was the case, I’m certainly not going to dispute your hatred for it, but Alas, how many scumbags, villains and gender slur-throwing people you were partnered with in your battlegrounds?

      • To answer the part of this comment directed at me, I was not faced with any of that sort of behavior. Believe me, I have seen it in Battlegrounds more often than not, but I have also seen it in most of my LFR/LFD groups. I don’t believe scumbags are limited to only a slice of the WoW-playing populace.

        Like Rades, I can’t and won’t dispute another person’s distaste for PvP as a general thing. But I would say that it’s never accurate to paint a whole group with a single brush. Not everyone who PvPs is going to be a distasteful human being, just as not everyone who PvEs is somehow all magical kindness and free of any racist, sexist or other hateful behaviors/mindsets.

        Anyone might still say “PvP is not for me,” and I won’t say they’re wrong to refrain from participating in an aspect of the game that brings them no pleasure. I believe it’s important to have fun and the definition of fun will obviously vary depending on the individual.

        One last comment about my experience and then I will shut up. When I first started writing this post, I was under the impression that being in a new Battlegroup had something to do with the quality of my experience. The last time I spent any time PvPing, Battlegroups were a consideration, and I was in a pretty bad one. When a little poking around led to the discovery that PvP is now regional, I was surprised, because the difference from my previous PvP experience and my current experience was so vastly different. WoW is old. The people who play it are getting older as well. It may be that some maturity has been gained along the way.

  3. As one of the weird people who likes random battlegrounds, I’d rather the only people pvping along side me were the ones who actually wanted to be there. To that regard I almost wish that there was no reward for pvp other than the satisfaction of winning. However, I’m torn by the fact that I love it and I want other people to experience something which provides me with so much pleasure.

    I do think there should have been a choice though, pvp if you want or grind X if you loathe pvp. Forcing people a la the fiasco which is Children’s week is never good.

    • I do understand being of two minds about it. I’d rather only raid with people who want to take it seriously and treat it like it’s something they want to do and want to give their focus to. But I was anti-raiding the first time I got dragged into Kara and have come a long way since learning that it is fun – and I hope that somewhere in the middle of my griping about various things, I’ve conveyed the joy of raiding I have to someone else and influenced them.

      As to things like Children’s Week, I think the problem isn’t that it is PvP, so much as it’s doing something very specific in a very limited amount of time that everyone else is also trying to do. To me, that’s the equivalent of forcing non-raiders into the same boss fight and telling all of them that the only person who gets the achievement is the first one to pull threat off the tank and then survive three hits from the boss and not die at any point during the fight. They wouldn’t have the gear or the skills or even the teamwork.

      So in this legendary quest chain, I think that the very simple objective of “win these two battlegrounds” goes a long way to removing the pain for everyone. I assume everyone who likes to PvP already wants to win whatever battleground they are in. So even if those doing the quest line are less skilled or are decked out in PvE gear, they are at least still pulling in the right direction.

      All of that being said, had I been given an option to grind X rather than do PvP for the holiday stuff, I would have done that in a heartbeat. It would be interesting to see Blizz implement something like that.