Dreams really do come true

Oh, hello there! Everything around here has been on the quiet side lately, hasn’t it? I blame my job. Not the coffee making one, but the one I just recently got.

I’ve been super excited about it and have wanted to tell you guys, but there have been a few factors preventing me from doing so until now. The first of these is that I have been terribly busy just trying to find my footing and establish a routine. The second is that I signed an agreement stating that I wouldn’t talk about it until we were ready to launch.

Well, we’re finally ready to launch!

So here it is, guys: Dreams really do come true and I am now being paid to write! Like, for words and the typing them up in a certain order. Amazing, right?

There is a caveat or two. One is that this isn’t exactly writing the next Great American Novel. In fact, it’s a style of writing I’ve never expected to get into on a serious basis before. And the subject matter, while being similar to something else near and dear to my heart, isn’t what I am really passionate about.

I’m not complaining, truly. I mean, this is a wonderful opportunity and I’m so excited to finally get a chance to see my name in print. On something that has been really published on paper, and not just in an electronic format.

Anyway. That’s enough excited chatter from me. I’ve gotten permission to share the cover of this month’s issue with you all here. Hey, maybe some of you will even purchase a subscription! I’m tremendously excited about this and I hope you’ll love it, too!




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