Focus, several months later

I blogged towards the beginning of the year that I wanted to make my One Word for 2013 be the word “Focus.” I’ve been awfully quiet around here as of late, so here’s a quick post talking about my progress so far.

Let’s start with the good, shall we?


Not only have I been working diligently on my fiction, I’ve been working on the project I’ve determined to get finished this year. Just yesterday I took all the words from all the individual documents (I post it to so it’s been easier to write it literally a chapter at a time) and compiled them into one big document. My word count is sitting just a hair under 64000, so I’m pretty close to getting that finished up. It could be anywhere from 40-60k words more, but I am less concerned about that than I am in actually telling the story. Plot-wise, we’ve turned a major corner, so I’d put things at roughly halfway done.

Once I finish that, I’ll be turning to a more serious pursuit. Like, the book I think I could actually make a run at actually publishing. Whenever I can’t bring myself to focus on the JAFF1, I plot ahead for this other project. When I first got the idea for it last October, I immediately hurled some 17k words at it, so I have a decent beginning and almost can’t wait to write more.

All in all, my writing is in a good place. Possibly the best it has been in over five years.

The Social Life

I am very pleased to report that my real life social life has also been going rather well. I’ve made a few friends at work and those interactions have progressed to the point where we’re actually getting together outside of work and I’m actually going to open up my home to one of these women for three weeks while she is between living situations.

I’ve also gotten closer with my sister and a few people from her circle of friends, again, even hosting them on several occasions. As my home is very much my retreat from the world, these are big steps for me. What’s been great is that they haven’t felt like big steps. We’ve just been having stupid amounts of fun and it doesn’t seem to matter where.

I believe At is much relieved to finally have other people to interact with again. Poor little extrovert living with an extreme introvert!

On the downside, I feel like the more time I make for the people I actually see every day, the less I am inclined to socialize online. I’m sure that’s more of a downside for me than it is for anyone who might otherwise be willing me to shut up already on Twitter.

Weight Loss

Coming up in a grey area as having been neither terribly awesome nor terribly terrible is weight loss. My tracking has been out the damn window and with all the social events, I am not eating or drinking as little as I ought to be.

On the other hand, the job is keeping me very active most days. So, I have lost a few pounds but only a few. I keep telling myself to focus and to track and combine the activity with a rigorous approach to eating, but my best intentions keep getting swept away on the weekends when I share a meal and some wine with friends. Sometimes multiple days in a row.

All of that being said, I totally need to get out and buy some smaller pants and that’s always a good feeling.


Of all things, my focus in WoW that I had planned to be on my main is coming along the worst. To be fair, there doesn’t seem to be much point in working on my raiding skills when I’m not actually raiding. I’ve stalled out on the new rep grind and the legendary quest line. I’ve only been to the new raids two or three times and haven’t even seen past the turtle boss guy at all. See? I don’t have the slightest idea what his name even is.

My alts are getting most of my attention and time, as I’ve (somewhat ambitiously) decided to make most of them dual production professions. My rogue, who is a dual-gatherer, has been mining and herbing her little heart out and I’ve been trying to establish the flow of materials based on who is the highest level and who is the lowest. I also took the time to get all of my alts up to at least 75 points in both of their primary professions and all but one of the secondary professions (archaeology being too painful to level without flying, imo) in time for the Darkmoon Faire.

Next month, I will have to take care not to attempt to run all of them through the Faire in the same day as that got very tedious. But it is over and done for this month and I am blissfully ignoring the Faire dailies since I have all the mounts and pets at last.

Looking Ahead

As this year continues to turn, I plan to keep my focus on my writing and the weight loss issue. I feel that my social life is happening naturally enough at this point that I don’t need to push myself to get out there and do more. If there is a shift back towards raiding in my guild, I’ll worry then about really being diligent on Alas, but feel that it’s okay to be a bit lackadaisical about her now.

An area that I would like to add to focus on is in developing my career. What I said about my book above notwithstanding, I don’t want to work a succession of crappy, low paying jobs just to write. I am proving to myself that I can fit it in when I make it a priority and I’d like to transition to a career that will be an actual career.

The idea has stumped me until recently, since I couldn’t really think of anything I wanted to do that I had much of a prayer of getting into. After all, I’ve spent over a year watching my company’s postings looking for the “dream job” and the closest I can get to it seems to be a part time shift with crap hours.

I’ve at last landed on obtaining my PMP certification and hopefully breaking into doing Project Management for IT. It seems like something that my skills would complement nicely while also being something that would challenge me.

Anyhow, that’s how my year of focus is shaping up so far. Maybe in another couple months I’ll get desperate enough to blog again that I’ll give another update. I haven’t even posted this one yet (well, I will have by the time you’re reading it, but… whatever) and I can practically feel the excitement you guys have in all the boring details of my boring life.

  1. Again, a vaguely steampunk/urban fantasy Pride & Prejudice; ping me for a link if that is your cup of tea, though I will throw disclaimers at you first


Focus, several months later — 3 Comments

  1. I think it sounds like you have a good year ahead of you, with quite a few things working out rather nicely so far :)

    This year I want to get back into writing as well, and I’m planning to get started soon after I finish preparations. It’s been taking me this long just to get to the point where I’ve decided to get back into it. Now I just need to kick myself in the bum to get started!

    Also, please do send me the link to the fanfic :P

    • I hope you do get back into writing! If you need any help with the bum kicking, I shall be happy to assist. Zel is the one person who regularly kicks my ass (MOAR DARCY! she cries), and I appreciate it more than I can say that she takes the trouble. :D

      I have sent you the link already via email, but I forgot to say anything about sorry for my delay in response. It was a stupid busy day at work and I was also partially awash in writing chapter 21 and reflecting on how horrid Caroline Bingley is as a human being. :D

  2. I can relate to the socializing issue. I like being with people, but I only have a certain amount of social fuel in my tank before I need to recharge. If I spend it all on face-to-face interactions, I don’t have the energy to interact with friends in a digital environment. It’s great that you’re having fun with your new friends, though!

    I’d also love a link to your fanfic, as long as you don’t mind a random internet person reading it. I can never get enough of P&P remixes. :)