Procrastination is for winners

So it’s almost July 1, and I finally decided that maaaybe I should work on getting a Google Reader replacement. Thank goodness for Grimm’s recent reminder that I would therefore also need to work on the good old blogroll. You’re a champ, Grimm.

I worked on it today since I was feeling all self-satisfied about having gotten a Reader replacement, and added some new categories. A lot of blogs have gone all defunct on me1, so I was way overdue for a pruning. What few WoW blogs I do still read made for a small and dispiriting list, so I decided to toss some other categories up there. It’s all still a work in progress as I seem to have somehow lost some feeds along the way. I’ll get there eventually. You know, if the procrastination doesn’t set in alongside my general apathy and cripple all my good intentions.

Anyhow, if you’re a blogger of some stripe and you have some reason to think that I do read you and managed to leave you off a list, let me know. If you are on the list and something is wrong, let me know that, too. Adding links in manually is so effing painful that I stopped paying close attention somewhere after the fifth or sixth one.

  1. I remained subbed to all of these, but generally speaking, if there was not a post within the last three months, I didn’t make a link.


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