Actual gtalk conversation

Noxy: ok.. i’ll do that tomorrow. for now i have an epic raid on the Sinkfullodishes

Alas: Good luck with that one

I hear it’s a bitch and there’s no good loots

Noxy: yeah

and to make it interesting, the dishwasher gquit

Alas: Oh, man, what a jerk

Noxy: well.. no. not true. he didn’t server xfer with the rest of us

Alas: Think he might be convinced? Will you have to throw money at him?

Noxy: idk.. maybe. been eying one in lfg for a while

Alas: Might be best to get a new one – those former quitters have no loyalty

Noxy: true story. on that note.. imma go see if i can down that boos :)

Alas: booze?

Noxy: maybe that too

Alas: Woot

See ya later

Noxy: see ya

Alas: ps- this is going on the blog like right now

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4 Responses to Actual gtalk conversation

  1. Ataraxaven says:

    Ah, the dreaded Sinkfullodishes boss. Bummer to hear about the gquit, when ours did it leaked all over the floor of the gbank. Squish, squish, squish…

  2. Anonymous says:

    roflmao…Epic conversation. ;)


  3. Joseph says:

    When server transfered from the CrappyApartement server to HomeOwner server, Dishwasher said he was more comfortable where he was and stayed there. I've been in LFG for a while looking for one, but Kitchen is only a 5man dungeon, so not sure I have room for a newraiding Dishwasher.

  4. roseykrh says:

    better look for a gnome dishwasher to save room

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