Wherein I Have an Announcement

So I say last week that I want to make blogging more a part of my life again and then put up two throwaway posts before falling off the face of the earth for a week.

Sounds about right for me.

Work has been… a treat. A by ‘a treat,’ I mean my good coworker left to go buy a restaurant and I’m probably alone for two months or so and no one will stop asking me whether I miss Happy Karl and this one incredibly bitter old hag of a woman has decided that I’m her number one enemy. Or something. I’m not sure. I’m trying to keep my head down and get through each day. And to find a new job.

All of which means I haven’t been logging in to play, so that’s why I’ve been not writing. I think a part of me was feeling that, once again, no this is a WoW blog now, Alas! Can’t talk about real life. Also, who cares?

Well. I have about three people1 still reading so whatever. I’mma jabber about whatever the hell I want. Later.

The Actual Point of this Post

Today, I actually have an announcement! And that is that after blogging off and on (and yeah, more off than on in recent years) since late 2009, someone was finally demented, brave, desperate enough to invite me to be a guest on a podcast:



Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a state over this prospect. I’m sure no one else remembers, but I once said it was a good thing no one had ever wanted me as a guest on a podcast2 before because I get terribly, terribly nervous about such things and when I get nervous I’m roughly 87% more likely to somehow make an ass of myself.

But then I realized that since late 2009, I’ve pretty much been making an ass of myself in a public fashion anyhow. So what difference does it make if I do it again only in voice rather than in text?3

Anyhow. Despite all “…such flutterings, all over me —¬†such spasms¬†in my side and pains in my head….” this is a thing that is happening and I would be pleased and honored and overwhelmed and all those other good things if anyone saw fit to come out and mock me during the recording process.

We’ll be getting going on Sunday, February 9, around 8pm PST. So come join in with my derp! Or don’t! Really, whichever you prefer.

  1. Hai Grimm!
  2. And, y’know, I’d link to the post but I can’t be arsed to find it
  3. Well, I cringe at y’all hearing me actually talk. I fear I don’t have one of those smoothly modulated voices that are so nice to listen to.


Wherein I Have an Announcement — 4 Comments

  1. Hai back!

    I’ve done that before, and it’s real easy.

    1) Make sure you have Skype set up and working.
    2) Make sure you have all the contact info set up and ready.
    3) They’ll start chatting with you before the show to get the kinks out, so don’t panic!
    4) This is also the best place to start drinking, since you only have to hit one more button before it all gets started.
    5) Which means at least two, if not a box, of your favorite wine close at hand ahead of time.

    If you have Depends, I also suggest judicious deployment. That, or a portable headset.

    Totes gonna be there teasing you in chat! :D

    Break a leg!

    • Welp. Skype is all ready to go and I’m familiar with it so that’s not a huge worry. I’m just sure I’ll open mouth and insert foot once or twice, but I have a plan to cover with floral slurs.

      Also have the drinking covered. I’m thinking a shot or two to loosen me up right quick and then I’ll just sip on some bubbly as I get self-conscious. I’ll probably be plastered and slurring by the end of the evening, but again, will cover with floral slurs wherever possible. Glad you’re gonna be able to make it!

  2. That’s cool! I won’t be able to listen live, since it’s in the middle of the night over here, but I’ll make sure to have a listen afterwards :)

    They invited me once too, and I was probably making no sense at all since it *was* in the middle of the night!

    Been bad at reading blogs lately, but really happy to see that you’re writing again! :)

    • Haha, I am glad you brought up your interview because I actually listened to it in preparation just to remind myself of the format and I wanted to listen to them interview someone I know. The whole time I was listening, I was all, “omg, Saga has the cutest voice and the cutest accent! At! Don’t you want to just fold up the owner of that voice and put them in your pocket?”

      He looked at me like I might be deranged. But still. It was a pleasure listening to yours!