The Evolution of Alaskah

So I’ve been playing SW:ToR off and on for a few months now. It’s been more on than off lately, not that anyone in my guild would be able to tell it since gaming is certainly a thing that has been shuffled a bit to the side while I’ve been selling my house, getting ready to move and getting ready to start a new job pretty much all at the same time.

So has blogging, but that’s a win for anyone still reading. All that ever presents itself as a thing to say is that I hate moving. I could whine about that forever, but I’ll keep such boring chatter confined to Twitter.

Anyhow. Since I’ve started playing Star Wars again, my new main character (having gone Imperial since I last played) has been through something of an evolution. She started off as a Twi’lek….

Alaskah 1

Literally the only picture I could find of her, wherein she was about to smooch Hawtpirate.


She remained blue and lekku-accoutered all the way up until she hit level 50 and I had unlocked the race. In retrospect, I have no idea why I waited, since the lekku proved to be rather obnoxious with all their clippy, buggy ways and I can’t imagine ever rolling another Twi’lek.

In the name of being somewhat original on the Imperial side, I went Mirialan, since that is what Alastriona, my Jedi Sage, was. Is. She still exists.


Alaskah 2

This isn’t jaundice, it’s her skin color.

That lasted for all of a month before the skin color issues got to me. Do you know what colors look good with the particular shades of green and yellow that are in the Mirialan array? Not many. And when you’re in the same guild as Njessi and want to avoid being featured in the Fashion Hall of Shame, you start to care about how well put-together you look.

That’s just how it is.

Which brings me to the third step in the Evolution of Alaskah. A boring human.

Alaskah 3

Obviously, humans are boring if you also happen to be one IRL, which I am, more or less. Sadly, I am not this hawt.


And I think here is where Alaskah will stay, at least in most things. I like the hairdo which is available only to humans, and the scars are interesting, though not as cool as the tattoos that Sith Warriors get. My lovely blue and black garments don’t clash with my skin and hey, maybe one of these days I will put as much effort in getting my gear to look good as I have my damn avatar.

But first, I need to get back to packing.

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