Not with a bang but a whimper

This is the way a guild starts
This is the way a guild starts
This is the way a guild starts
Not with a bang but a whimper.

-With apologies to T. S. Eliot

So. I’ve restarted my old guild on a new server. Why am I so effing insane?

It’s taking more than a while to gain any traction, and I’m honestly not sure how things will turn out in the long run. I feel a bit as though it’s just another plate in the handful of gaming plates I am juggling, but it’s one that seems more important than the others do. Still, no matter my sense of urgency, it’ll be months before I know how things may turn out.

Starting a guild in the twilight of an expansion is maybe not the smartest idea. On the flip side, it made slightly more sense to start it now than it did to wait for the beginning of WoD.

I’ve reached out to a small handful of the Effers that I’m still in touch with. “Looking to reboot EtI,” I said. “I’ll GM, with even less tolerance for bullshit drama than I had before. We’ll flex raid a couple times a week. We’re all busy adults here, but I think we can make it work.”

Replies have trickled back. I have four whole people in the guild now, half of which are myself and At. Yngwe the Pretty just joined up and dinged 90 for the first time ever. Azzah the Mighty has been running randoms with At and myself in an effort to earn that pesky guild XP. We’re a level 5 guild now and I have dreams of establishing a decent enough cash flow to permit for some guild repair money to become available.

A couple people are sitting on the fence, strong maybe’s if WildStar doesn’t end up working out. In a way, I am almost one of those people myself. I intend to spend the summer trying WildStar out, but I honestly don’t have any expectations for the end game working out for me. That was mostly to do with raid size – I’m not a huge fan of big raids. Recently did a 16-man in SWTOR that left me underwhelmed and feeling generally lost in the crowd. And then I read this, and I thought no, it doesn’t seem likely that this will work out for me. I can be serious and I can be focused and I can be dedicated, but I don’t know that I can be hardcore.

Balanced against that is my bone-deep need to regain a sense of community in my game. I enjoyed my time with ProCo and I think it was good for me to take such a huge step back and become somewhat more uninvolved with the workings of a guild. But my efforts in the past few months to try to join in on an already established community have fallen more than a little flat. Part of me doesn’t mind this, because who could ever be better than the people who made up the halcyon days of EtI? Part of me thinks trying to recapture that former splendor is a foolish dream.

Whether it is or isn’t maybe doesn’t matter though. I’m at least going to try because not trying at all would be the far bigger failure in my mind.

And hey, maybe easing myself back into a part of the game that I’ve always been passionate about will give me more to say around here. Guess we’ll find out, one day at a time.


Not with a bang but a whimper — 2 Comments

  1. I’m still planning on xfer next month around this time, as I think finances will have settled out where I can blow $25 on something completely intangible (I mean, the new place will even LOOK identical since Moonrunner and Alleria CRZ so many zones!). So then you’ll have enough for a fiver, and I can crossover my priest when healzorz are needed.

    But I have to say, I think I see where the lack of enthusiasm is coming from. There has been a metric assload of grumbling in Blizz’s general direction. The beta isn’t even out and already people are judging them – myself included, I cop to it. What they’re doing with the story – completely uninteresting. Wider appeal to other than faux-metalheads with fantasies of adequacy – complete failure. In fact, the opposite – active alienation seems to be taking root. People are dropping out of this game faster than murlocs at a Louisiana fish fry. The appeal of this game has taken a gigantic dive, and it’s not just killing sub number, potentially – it’s also actively killing interest and community.

    My Alleria guild used to have enough for a fiver on at any given time. The last month, it’s been just me and one or two others at any time that I’m on. I’ve taken to stalking my AH competitors in a spreadsheet to give some illusion of social interaction.

    So, yeah, not the greatest time to try to get a guild together. Keep that in mind though when you feel discouraged – it’s just the most horrible time EVAR to be trying it, and it’s not gonna be easy.

    It’s not you. It’s THEM.

  2. I have been enjoying my short time back so far. My interest in the game seems to be inverse to everyone else’s. I am probably in the same boat as you with WildStar and will probably drop WoW while I check that out. It was nice running with you and At again, even if it was only to kill things on Loot Island. FWIW, I have installed At’s recommended addons, and I probably only have another handful of days where farming it will be necessary.