Wherein Alas briefly gets her act together

So I’ve been meaning to write for upwards of a month about Wildstar, the fact that I pre-ordered it, dinked about in a few of the beta weekends and plan to play it for the foreseeable future. Exciting, no?

I’m a bit nervous about the fact that we’re about to hit launch and I am only mostly sure that I want to play an Esper. During the beta weekends, I exhausted myself on the Exile starting quests in an attempt to try out various classes, and even then I only tried four of them. They all seemed to have a sweet spot and then turned into a hellish struggle and then evened out a bit more. So here’s hoping that the Esper will stay evened out for me.

At least I and my friends who are playing plan on being Dominion in actual practice, so even if I do end up re-rolling early on, I won’t already be sick unto death of the starting quests. I guess that’s something.

I am even more excited about the prospect of playing with some larger numbers of my online family again, a thing that hasn’t been the case since about six months after the swtor launch. At times I can only think that online communities are mere sandcastles that crumble immediately with the turning of the tides. But then I find that some remnant of my own personal sandcastle has remained and that we are bound more tightly than mere hard-packed sand ever could be.

And that is something else again. To be able to call my online family by that name and to have it mean something. It’s good and I am once again hopeful as I greet the coming of a new game and all its attendant possibilities for rekindled relationships and entirely new ones.

If you’re planning on playing Wildstar, what excites you?


Wherein Alas briefly gets her act together — 1 Comment

  1. I spent some time reading and watching videos and got pretty darned excite about what I saw. Despite my disappoint at playing Dominion (I wanna play that dude with the pet tentacle), I see plenty of niches to step into, niches that will allow me to express my inner derp with maximum damage (friendly fire) potential.

    Your online family is less like a sand castle and more like that body that professor Frankenstien (“STEEN!”) dug up and stitched together. Sometimes we’re cool. Sometime fire frightens us. But that violin music … ooo, baby, that brings us out in droves and/or body bags.

    The WS client is saying rude things about my system. I’ll be able to bump it up a notch by upgrading the OS (Win 7 can’t see over 3 GB of memory while Win7-64 can) in a couple of weeks, so life may repeat itself and I may be late to the game, but I am, like old age, taxes, and cirrhosis of the liver, inevitably going to arrive. This looks like fun. Let’s do that thang.