Gettin’ wild in WildStar

Okay, not really.┬áMy explorations in WildStar have actually been rather sedate up to this point, except when I lose my shit and start yelling at the screen that I WAS TOO OUT OF THAT MOB’S TELEGRAPH AREA AND WTF HOW AM I DEAD AGAIN?

Not that I do that.



I don’t know what’s happening here, but I look like God’s own idiot.

Honestly, I haven’t been able to play as much as I would like to, just like I don’t have enough time to write as much as I want to. I recently told At that I simply don’t have enough hours in the day. And that’s true. I have too much going on in general, but it’s work in particular that is killing me.

I guess that serves me a bit right. I knew I had it relatively well at my last job as far as free time and the ability to do whatever I wanted with it went. The new job is nothing like that. I don’t have to deal with people, but it’s impossible to really slack off and not have someone notice.

Anyhow, when I do get to play, I am concentrating only on my Esper. She’s all of level 15 or 16 or so, and I find myself passionately hating the fact that I have nowhere near enough gold to spend on a mount and no clear idea of how to obtain gold. I thought of the Auction House, of course, but it informed me every time that I had nothing to sell. I found that to be more than a trifle odd given that I have all kinds of crap in my bags.

So then I thought I wouldn’t spend any cash on things – my housing is untouched except that I named my plot of land in the sky. This plan, admirable though it might have been, fell apart the moment I leveled up and bought new abilities. I’ve been so spoiled in not having to pay for those in other games that I rather overlooked the fact that there was a cost associated with each one in WildStar. God job, Alas. Good job.

I’d say that I am looking forward to playing this weekend and I hope I will get some time, but I already know it won’t be more than an hour or two for sure.

After all, tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of the day I married that At guy. Given that, and the fact that I am trying somewhat unsuccessfully to not dwell on the fact that it also should have been my due date, we’re going to get out and splurge a little and concentrate on the celebratory aspects of the day. And I’m going to drink wine. So much wine. So here’s hoping At’ll keep me away from Twitter over the next 48 hours!


Gettin’ wild in WildStar — 4 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary, and keep that wine flowing!

    I’m just about to try WildStar as well. Still playing WoW, but at the moment it’s just not grabbing me much, so I thought WS would be a nice distraction.

    Got to level 8 or 10 or something on my Esper on a guest pass, when one of my brothers handed me a full account that he’d bought – and gotten bored with in all of three days. So I’m not starting all over again.

    Enjoying the game so far, but feeling so very, very clueless. After playing WoW for over eight years, and knowing how every little thing works – it’s an odd feeling of flailing around and not knowing anything. But also refreshing.. I guess. Except I prefer knowing everything. Always. I’ll get there though. Just give me another eight years!

    • What? We can’t both be Esper! The world might explode or something! Since we’ve spent so long being mortal enemies and all. :P

      I’m also still in WoW and still have hopes of making a proper go of raiding in WoD, but yeah… it’s a little lonely and a little dull for me. WS is proving a nice distraction, but I have doubts about how well end game will hold up for me.

      Definitely feel you on the clueless thing. I’m somewhat more recently familiar with the concept having played swtor (and left and then gone back briefly and had to relearn everything all over again), and I’m not entirely sure I like the flailing around, but there is satisfaction in putting the pieces together and making the connections that aren’t immediately obvious. Of course, I am only level 19 now, so I am sure I still have a lot to learn. Did finally have the AH explained to me though, so at least I have a bit of cash and a DinoPony now! In any case, I suspect it’ll take neither of us 8 years to get there!

  2. Five bucks for At if he transcribes to twitter for you. Five crisp American dollar bills, At. Just looking for a wild night on the town at the local arcade. Yep.

    Seriously, many happy grats to the both of you! Eleventy years is hard to do in this day and age.

    • Five whole dollars? And we missed out?

      In all seriousness, I remained pretty sober throughout. My sister and nephews were along on the trip (the 7th being also my due date, it was all very bittersweet and I wanted them along so I could cuddle SOME child, even if not one that thought I hung the moon) and as my sister is expecting number three I thought it seemed a bit rude to get stinking drunk in front of her, haha.

      Thank you very much for the grats. I’m a bit sad that 11 years should be seen as such an accomplishment (At and I get along so well, it hardly feels like work most of the time, although we HAVE had Those Times), but then I think yes, yes it is. I just have the certainty that we’re in it for the super long haul, ’til death, and that will be even more notable when we get there (although it’s welcome to stay a vague and distant possibility).

      I am very parenthetical tonight. Will shut up and get back to killing shit in WS while I wait for said husband to get back to me from Vegas.