Wherein Alas is an accidental officer

Welp. The title says it all, really. How did that happen?

If I still thought like a blogger, I would have screenshotted the whole thing and lazily posted pics, but it turns out that I don’t think like a blogger very much these days. I’m never in the middle of something and think, “Oh, document this for your two readers!” It only comes to me after the fact, like the next day, when I’ve called in sick to work and am pondering what to do with all the glorious free time I’ve just gifted myself.


Pictured: Alas pondering

Anyhow, we’ve had seven or so of us sharing a chat circle in WildStar and sort of idly bumming around, visiting each other’s housing plots and not really doing anything very organized. In the middle of all this, we got to talking about whether we should start a guild just to have a guild bank or whether we should see if we could find someone willing to take all of us in and provide the structure while we provide the drunken yammering.

Then one of us found a guild and another one of us contacted them with a highly nerdy RP request to talk and they informed us that they’d like to discuss a takeover (hostile if necessary) and somehow, even though I only barely got involved in the takeover discussion in the last ten minutes, I was elected to be the unofficial leader of our group.

Which, okay, given that all but one of our group are former Effers, I guess it makes sense. But I wasn’t really prepared for them to not only ask for an informal leader, but to then also have Zel and Gnoble immediately inform them that I’m a tyrant and should be given that role and then (after much polite back and forth about whether Zel or myself should really take on the role) learn that whoever got the position would also be immediately promoted to an officer position within the guild, there to have a vote on all guild matters but no real other responsibilities other than herding the rest of my absent cats into the guild.

So I’m an officer again, and a little conflicted, because there’s nothing I hate more than an officer who has a title without a job.1

I intend to address that, of course, but first I want to take some time to get to know the culture of the guild and the individuals in it a bit better. Part of it is not wanting to step on any toes and part of it is trying to determine what my own strengths in this MMO will be. Where I was comfortable leading 10-man raids in WoW, the idea of trying to coordinate more than that is a bit daunting. So I guess we’ll see where I manage to make a niche for myself.

All in all, I’d say that I’m very encouraged for my own future with this game. Finding a guild that appears to have the same values and outlook that we had in Eff is a spectacular thing and my having a place in leadership again makes me feel instantly more invested.

  1. Possibly, there are some things I hate more. Like lawyers.


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        • I’m not, personally. The guild is. I have no idea who you are, but if this is a legit request, I can put you in touch with the GM and co-Gm via the guild website.

          • I kinda am, yeah. One of the consequences of Wildstar’s design choices to make 1) leveling a relatively slow process and 2) significant gates to the endgame mean that rolling up toons on a server at random is unlikly to position you for successful raiding. I haven’t pulled the trigger on seriously playing because I was waiting to see where the raiding guilds wound up.

            So to the extent that I believe you will eventually return to your raiding ways is how much I’m serious about committing my game time budget to your server/faction.

            As for your other question: I’m nobody. I’ve been reading your work (and quite a lot of the WoW blogosphere) for years now but am not actively writing anything anymore. Some years back I developed an addon called “Reforgenator”, but handed it off when I realized how much more benefit AMR provided. I also wrote “Clamstacker” but that wasn’t nearly as popular a download.