It’s no-pants day in WildStar

Usually, when I log on, my character is standing around in her skivvies. I understand this is a common bug. But today things were a little different and I admit I laughed out loud.

No pants day


Anyhow, I’m alive. I’m playing. I have three or four blog post ideas rattling around in my head. But my limited free time has been going towards actually playing, so there’ll probably be continued long delays between my nonsense here.

See you when I see you!


It’s no-pants day in WildStar — 2 Comments

  1. With the current heat wave (at least over here in Europe), I think we all should take a no-pants day!

    • It’s damn hot here in the States, that’s for sure! At is wildly in favor of no-pants days… too bad public decency requires something to be worn and too bad going to work is one of those grim realities of being an adult.