Contest with prizes

Okay, for something a bit less lol’sy than a bunch of stupid questions that, as far as I know, did not somehow include the ultimate one about life, the universe and everything, I am having a contest.

Yes, a real contest with real ‘virtual’ prizes.

The Contest

It’s probably no surprise since I’ve been threatening to do this for some time, but the contest is for the Pride and Prejudice with World of Warcraft rewrite. In order to get some variety, anyone who wants to enter the contest can rewrite any chapter they please. Yes, any chapter.

The easiest way to rewrite is to get an e-version of the book. I like Project Gutenberg and you can find a variety of free downloads here.

Entry Details

To enter, please write up whichever chapter takes your fancy and email it to me. Please make the subject line of the email something like “Pride and Prejudice Contest” – especially if you have a document attached. I’ll accept and consider submissions through April 27. I’ll hope to have winners selected by Friday, April 30.


Prizes for the top three entries will include the vampire pony, any of the vanity pets for sale at the Blizzard store and, of course, I will post all winning submissions with credit and links back to any website the author might have. Since some people might already have all the pets and the pony, you’ll have to let me know if such a prize is applicable or if you perhaps have a friend or a GM to whom you would like to gift the prize in an effort to butter them up for something. Or maybe you think I can take the sparkle pony and shove it up my the prizes all suck, in which case, you probably shouldn’t enter.

May the funniest rewrites win!

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5 Responses to Contest with prizes

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  2. Analogue says:

    Hope you're getting some good entries as I'd love to read them. Just submitted one myself :) Not gonna buy myself a SparklyPony but I'd certainly take one from someone else. Heh.

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