Search term fun times

I’ve never done one of these and I’m feeling rather unimaginative today. That’s a terrible thing, given that I’m going to try to get another chapter written. Maybe I should catch up on web comics instead?

Rude raid leader

I’m fairly certain I’ve covered it before. I am rude. I do lead raids. I do have questions for you, though. Are you looking for a guild where you’ll be abused in raids? Why? You know those are a dime a dozen, right? In fact, I can suggest one (or a dozen) on my server. I try not to be rude or abusive to my raid team so this might not be the place you’re looking for.

Things not to say when raiding

I’ve been informed that cursing isn’t helpful. I disagree. There’s also been discussion about whether or not it is appropriate to cover the following topics while raiding: politics, religion, Blizzards from DQ, the boat song, Canadian left (which is American right), how quickly Asmod will end up tanking the floor, the emotional state of the raid leader, natural disasters, this blog, and food in general. To which I say: “No, no, no, yes, yes, yes, NO, sure, YES, and NO.”

Buging [sic] with the etymidian

He’s a great guy to bug with. I assume ‘bug’ is some sort of slang for ‘hang out’ or ‘chill’ or ‘kick the crap out of some undead,’ yes? Levels alts so you can do this more than once.

Holy wall of text / Holy wall of text batman / Holy tired person batman / How to make a text batman

That’s it. My worgen rogue will need to be named after Batman. I’ll have engineering as a profession. I’m a sucker for the easy jokes, I do admit.

How to gkick


It’s the only way.

Neurotic peoples blogs

Hahahahaha. Hehe. Ha. Yes. I can be neurotic. Any reason you want to read neurotic people’s blogs? I mean, either you’re trying to feel better about yourself or you’re looking for some cheap laughs. Either way, I hope this was of assistance.

Lucan Foxblood

Is stupid. So is the book he features in.

What does “noxy” mean / twitter noxy baby

Noxy doesn’t mean anything, so far as I know. It’s just what I call that one guy in my guild who uses various Latin words with Nox as the prefix for his naming convention. As far as I know, Noxy is not on Twitter, but I can let him know you’re trying to get in touch. He is taken though. Just saying.


He’s also taken. I understand he’s very pretty and that the knowledge that he feeds on tears might appeal to some emo soul out there. However, keep in mind he doesn’t understand how the alphabet works. And he’s taken. Did I already say that?

Kiss my Alas “The stupidest form of life”

Well, that seems oddly specific. I don’t know what you’re trying to imply but again, it’s hunters. Particularly hunters in spellcasting cloth gear who melee their way through dungeons after chain pulling for the tank.

Kill my Alas


Funny things to say in raid

Seriously? You’re scouring the Internet looking for jokes to say in raid? Here’s some advice. If you’re in a pug, don’t speak unless it’s to say “ffs” or “gogogo.” If you’re in a guild run, hopefully you know your guild well enough to make some inside jokes. In WWAB we make fun of our directionally challenged Canadians. Well, I do anyway. If all else fails, make fun of the Bitch King.

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13 Responses to Search term fun times

  1. Nox says:

    Canadian right is also Nox right ya know. Wait.. which one is right?

  2. Ataraxaven says:

    Buging is fun. I go buging often around our house when Alas needs a spider killed.

  3. Yngwe says:

    I googled Yngwe and discovered that I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to spell Yngwie. At least I know how the alphabet works.

  4. Jinx says:

    Nox is taken?! :(
    Oh my, I didn't get that memo.
    Guess I'll pack my bags and head to the apartment – just when I was getting used to the dog.

  5. Nox says:


  6. Jinx says:

    Nox is taken?! :(
    Oh my, I didn't get that memo.
    Guess I'll pack my bags and head to the apartment – just when I was getting used to the dog.

  7. Khandril says:

    The search:

    Kiss my Alas “The stupidest form of life”

    Was me. A friend said, "Oh, did you see that blog post where Alas called Hunters 'The stupidest form of life?'" So, yeah, I was looking for your post on hunters.

  8. Nox says:

    Taken by YOU silly girl

    <3 Jinxy

  9. JInx says:

    aaawwww….Sorry Alas…we're getting fresh on your site.

  10. KissMyAlas says:

    /looks away

  11. KissMyAlas says:

    At first I was concerned that I had inadvertently pissed off a hunter – but it looks as though you were having the same sort of fun with them as I do. *whew* Glad also that it's not being too heavily implied that I'm the stupidest form of life. I'm such a baby I'd surely cry.

  12. Cristus says:

    Get a room u 2!

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