Five things I would ask Blizzard to change

Five things Blizzard needs to change about WoW right now
(or I won’t be happy, so there).

1. We should be able to skin furbolgs and Tauren. It only makes sense on the former – have you seen how furry they are? In addition, no one wants to see the ground littered with thong-wearing corpses. It’s just gross. As to the Tauren, well, they’re overgrown cows. Everyone knows that cows = leather. While we’re at it, we should be able loot some prime cooking material from Tauren corpses. Don’t look at me like that. The Undead get to cannibalize everyone else.

2. Quests for gathering goods need to change. Ever been frustrated by the fact that you got sent out to collect six spider legs and didn’t get all of them in a single kill? Or how about getting troll ears and failing to obtain even one off a troll that obviously has two perfectly good ones? Seriously, Blizzard, we can see that the mobs come readily equipped with eight legs or two ears or what have you. If your aim is to make us kill 20-30 mobs to collect eight things, then make the quest demand 40-60 ears. We’ll cope, as long as you make the quest items stackable up to those numbers. Really.

3. The Ethereal need to be a playable race. I would name mine some not-very-clever variation of ‘Mummy’ and I would go to town on that thing. They are just awesome. One of their racial bonuses could affect First Aid. I mean, they’ve got bandages and understand a thing or two about wrapping up wounds. Please get on this forthwith.

4. Two words: Gnome Druids. Make this happen and even I will reroll my druid. They would have Bear Cub form, Dire Kitty form and for flight form they could transform into hummingbirds. Balance druids would appear to be regular chickens and would actually shoot spells from their eyes. This would also help transform the gnome race as a whole away from “creepy” and into “omg that’s so cute!”

5. Git rid of warlocks and allow mages to provide healthstones and summoning stones. I mean, those are a few of the only things warlocks are really good for, anyway, and there’s no reason a mage shouldn’t be able to pick up the slack. We’re already pimping out tables and portals like there’s no tomorrow. Priests should get the soulstone ability, since they don’t have the bag of tricks that druids and shamans do.

What would you ask Blizzard to change?


Five things I would ask Blizzard to change — 8 Comments

  1. The way I always figured it, if I was supposed to be collecting, for example, murloc eyes, the reason they didn't drop was because I was hitting the murloc so hard with my weapon/magic that their eyes got all mashed up. Blizzard have a perfect excuse for some things not dropping – a quest in Winterspring is a perfect example: questgiver wants two "pristine" yeti horns. Obviously 90% of the yetis I killed had horns that were flawed in some way.

    And yes yes yes, playable ethereals. They're awesome, although an ethereal in a sissy robe would look kinda silly, I imagine.

  2. Dire Kitteh/Laser poultry would be pretty cool.

    How about: Hunters should have a PVP ability that allows them to (temporarily) tame druids in animal form.

  3. I'm behind you on all of the above! I also think the centaur people should be skinnable. Hello! Horse body!

    Kitten form ftw and for tree form they can be Twig form.

  4. Gnome druid, yes please. Been wanting that for ages. I think it should be Shrub Form, actually… just a cute little round bush the size of a gnome. And the bear cub form should be the little Baby Blizzard Bear model.

  5. I would SO be excited to play an Ethereal!

    I would also like to play a Shivarra but I'll take what I can get.