Of claws and fangs and stuff

As part of my goal to get my last three characters to 80 before the expansion, I’ve been working a bit more lately on the baby huntard. I manned up to Winterspring and all those damned Yeti quests. I ended up in a few random groups in Dire Maul – where everyone is always laughably confused because who goes there any more? And since when are there like, different wings of it and stuff? Is this not the one with the library? /PANIC

Anyhow, I’ve contrived to get her to level 60 and, since I still haven’t bothered to respec her because I’m inherently lazy like that (go ahead and judge me, Yngwe. I can take it!), I decided to get a special pet. There wasn’t much thought for me to put into it. Most of the pets tamed by BM hunters tend to be core hounds or rare elites. Being only level 60, I didn’t have just a whole lot of options. So I decided to do the only thing that made sense and head out to bag myself a dinosaur.

I headed to Un’Goro Crater, At’s priest in tow, and started scouring the place for just the right dinosaur to love and pet and call my own. In the end, I settled on this guy:

If you look closely, you can see he’s snacking on Ony there. Okay, fine, it’s my Onyxia Whelpling. I was just trying to make him seem bigger than he actually is. And that’s the thing that gets me about taming such a cool pet – I get that it has to be smaller so as to fit into one’s magical pocket whenever it’s dismissed and to get into places such as instances and cities without demolishing all the architecture and possibly flattening the populace, but does it have to shrink to the small size that it does?

My next concern for the beast was what to call it? I didn’t want to do anything that’s been done a million times before, with some variation of Trex or TWrecks or Fluffykins. We have had, in our guild, a rather long and proud tradition of naming our pets after various and sundry guildies – on my first hunter I had a ravager named Noxy because all the the thing did was die and die and die some more. I’ve also, in the past, named pets after pets I’ve had in real life. I had a Moonstalker I named Luke, after my cat, who was named after Mr. Skywalker (but not by me – I’ve named other cats of mine Schnapps, Trillian and Donas). This baby hunter got a pig and named it SwineFlu because I’m childish and then there has been Spanked and Tristan.

But for such a majestic animal, I needed something different. Something that would help to illustrate how fuck off enormous his potential was, if not his actual size any more.

At length, inspiration hit like a lightening bolt from the sky. (Not really.) (I just enjoy hyperbole.) I had the perfect name for this sleek and deadly beast. Something that would call to the minds of any who recognized the reference that although his stature might be less now that he’s succumbed to my charms, he once was a fuck off enormous dinosaur. (Totally talking about the pet here. Really.)

And so I give you:

And if that dinosaur is a girl, I am sure both myself and its put-upon namesake don’t want to hear about it.


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  1. It's all right, the dinosaur is DPS, so his masculinity is in no danger. It is only priests, as we know, who are girls.

    Also … err… thank you. I am honoured. I think?

    • No, no I'm going to stick with honoured.

      And considering it could have been a chicken or a crab or something I think a fuck off moderately sized dinosaur is a fine namesake :)

  2. I won't judge, at least not in a bad way. According to Warcraft Hunters Union (best hunter blog imho), Devilsaur is the best leveling pet. Not only is he cool, but you should be downing enemies faster.

    "Simply put, the best pet for leveling is the Devilsaur (and BM is the easiest hunter leveling spec). If you’re not BM, then you can choose between the Wolf, Cat and the Raptor as the best leveling pet."

      • Just run through Kara. You should be able to find a ton of gear without agility and with mp5 that was actually intended for hunters back in the day.

  3. You might also feel dismayed or put-upon. Whatever you prefer, really.

    I… I just had to. Sorry.

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  5. I suddenly understand Tam's post a WHOLE LOT MORE.

    My pets on my myriad of throwaway hunters tend to be named after television characters. Hence my tiger Hawkeye and my bat Riker. :P I'm geeky.

  6. Most of my pets are named after Gary Dell'Abate aka Baba Booey, produced from the Howard Stern Show. My main wolf is FaFaFooey and I also have a TaTaToothy (there have been songs written about Gary's teeth). Although I did name my gorilla DrZaius.

  7. Congratz on your new dino! I think it’s funny how you and Tam are playing “naming games” with your pets. Picking the perfect name is part of what makes being a hunter so much fun. When I created my first hunter (I have 3) I knew I wanted a Night Elf, so I did many Google searches for “elven” names and found one I liked – Solonor Thelandira. Solonor was described as, “the elven god of hunting, archery, and survival in wild and harsh places. He teaches his followers the arts of hunting; including archery, moving unseen and hiding in the wild places”. Sounded perfect for a NE Hunter….but I made mine female and she’s just named “Thelandira”. Her pets are as follows:

    Obadhai – white ghost saber (the god of Nature, Woodlands, Hunting, and Beasts)

    Akadi – white wasp (the Queen of Air, the embodiment of the element of air and goddess of elemental air, speed, and flying creatures)

    Namaste – white moth (meaning of “namaste” really has no correlation to the pet…I just thought it would be a good name for a white moth)

    Quetzalcoatl – white wind serpant (a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and has the meaning of “feathered-serpent”)

    Pretty geeky huh?

    Well, my next hunter was going to be my PvP hunter…until I learned I TOTALLY suck at PvP. I named her with what I thought would be a funny PvP type name, “Sheeturself”. Her pets are as follows (their names all sound funny in front of her name):

    OMGYouJust – black wolf

    GonnaMakeYou – blue wasp

    HeHeYouJust – white lion

    MyTanknMakeU – white croc (tanking pet for solo’n old content)

    My third hunter sat as my banker for quite a while, but I did level her to 47 eventually. She’s now my banker again. She only has one pet (a cat) and it was named after a real life cat of mine that had passed away. I was shooting for hunters with each of the different specs. But Blizz blew that out of the water with dual-spec abilities.

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