Update on the Horde side

I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times here and there that At and I occasionally play Horde side, just to see the other half of the game. It’s far from being our primary focus, which is as good a reason as any for it taking as long as it has for us to get to 70.

A complaint of mine in leveling Horde-side (aside from all the ones about how easy they have it to get around while the Alliance get the shaft in that department) (and also aside from all the ones about how the quests suck sweaty goat balls for one reason or another), is that very often it’s not “the other half of the game” at all, but the same quests that I’ve already done way too many times on the Alliance side, only instead of collecting flowers to give to a guy to give to his sweetheart I’m probably trying to poison someone.

I spent some time crying about this once to a guy that I knew had an 80 Horde-side and he assured me that when it came to Northrend, it was indeed a new leveling experience. And while there has certainly been some overlap thus far, I am finding that to be more or less true.

One of the things I have found most interesting in Northrend so far is that while the Alliance are locked in battle with the Scourge or Vrykul at both starting points, the Horde have targeted the Alliance in a serious way in Howling Fjord. We do battle with them on ships, on bombing runs over ships and in their base camp. There’s an escort quest where some pleasant undead fellow dashes about with a torch, putting fire to the Alliance’s limited supplies.

This struck me as being further evidence in my own cache of mental files that no matter how morally ambiguous Blizzard tries to make their central figures, the Horde are still inherently the “bad guys” and the Alliance are, on their higher moral plane, “the good guys.” (Edited to add: Vidyala also touched on this yesterday, I just didn’t see it until after I wrote this today.)

Now, of course I can see where much of this is headed, with the betrayal and the Wrathgate and all that fun (I admit I am excited to see that from the Horde perspective), but even so, there just seems to me to be less objectionable quests overall on the Alliance side than there are Horde side. At least, I don’t recall ever poisoning a dog just for funsies anywhere other than in Hillsbrad.

All of that being said and put aside, it has been great fun so far mucking about in Howling Fjord. I particularly enjoyed the quest Adding Injury to Insult – the flavor of it was so good, so funny, that I actually had to go out and Google the phrase we yelled as an insult. I was disappointed to find it didn’t seem to have anything to do with barnyard animals, but still got a very good giggle out of it.

Between having fresh quests to experience – and to actually be reading much of the quest text for the first time in quite a while – and getting very low on things to do on the Alliance side of things, I think it’s possible that we may pick up our leveling speed just a bit here in the coming weeks.

We finally, heroically, managed to get At’s mage and my DK to 80, which leaves me with a total of seven max level characters. The baby huntard (and DinoTam) will be enjoying a short break to wait for At’s warrior to catch up a bit (he transferred his <SAN> RAF warrior to his main account and our main server yesterday) and then Esyllt shall have a pocket tank to quest and instance with. In the meantime, Alas spent a great deal of time running At’s warlock all over Northrend, Outland and the Eastern Kingdoms yesterday to do the fire thing, which caught that warlock up to my warrior a bit, and we’ll be making a push for 80 there as well.

Depending on how long Beta lasts, it’s very possible that I might have ten characters at max level in time for Cataclysm.

It’s also very possible that I might need a life.

Speaking of life

Oh, and random segue, we listed the house last Friday. We’re officially on the market. It’s a bit scary since we’re doing this all on faith that the house won’t sell too soon, that At will indeed get a job somewhere that isn’t here and that we’ll be able to work out the details well enough to not go completely insane if things don’t happen very smoothly. The upshot of all this is, of course, that when I am afk I am probably cleaning something because the one time I was around for the sale of a house previous to this (when my parents sold our house and I was perhaps 10 years old), the only bit of knowledge I gleaned from the experience was that a house needs to be Martha Stewart perfect if you want to sell it.

At’s just thrilled to be living with me now, I can tell.


Update on the Horde side — 8 Comments

  1. I was thinking of having 10 level 80s (one of every class) – but I have to admit I've gotten rather bored with levelling and I don't think it will happen now. But I'm keeping plenty busy with the 80s I have so that doesn't have to be a bad thing :)

    I hope everything works out with the house. I know there can be an awful lot of work with listing it, not to mention once you actually end up moving. But I'm sure it will all end up great :)

    • Haha. I am leveling to escape from my 80's. There's very little I want to do on my alts and my main just wants to kick the Lich King's ass, so the leveling is a nice way to kill some time. Once the hunter and warrior are up to 80, I'll only need a rogue to have one of each. Waiting on Cataclysm and the Worgen for that.

  2. Seven 80s!! Wow. I only have two and I still find my hands full, haha.

    As for the Horde vs Alliance side…the recent discussion about this has made me realize that most (if not all) of the "evil" flavor of the Horde stuff is all the Forsaken. Blizz tries to make both sides normal, for the most part, except when it comes to the undead, whose questlines, personalities and objectives WHOLLY embrace the evil side. And while some find this unpleasant, I think it's great because if you think about the race, they really shouldn't be any other way. They shouldn't be happy, warm, friendly, anything like that, because they are what they are – undead monsters who were created for evil.

    I dunno, it's almost like there needs to be a disclaimer about whether or not you're including the Forsaken or not. If they were (somehow) on the Alliance side, and striking back at the Orcs, poisoning their water and stuff (I could totally see vengeful Night Elves doing aggressive things like this) we'd probably be having the same discussion about how the Alliance feels evil. ;)

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  4. All I'm gonna say about house sales is… the house doesn't have to be perfect, but the ONE time you leave something out that you really don't want people seeing is the time the realtor calls and says "we'll be there in five minutes!"

    Yeah they didn't buy the house. But someone else did later so it's all good.

    • Haha – good to know. I'm all paranoid about stuff like that to begin with, so I'm walking around and "sprucing up" every few hours or so. Hopefully I won't relax on that front, because I'd really hate some stranger to see anything too personal.

  5. Seven 80's! Yeah, but most of them really do get ignored except for when I need something crafted or when a warm body is needed for our fourth or fifth run through the weekly raid boss, always assuming it's a really easy one. I try to keep my focus to my main, my paladin tank and my priest healer, so I have a decently enough geared toon for each role. My success in that varies.

    I was realizing the same thing about the Forsaken really being the source of all the quests on the Horde side that I find "evil." What you say about them being created for evil purposes really struck me. I was stuck thinking… they used to be alive. They used to be human. It's not the fault of the current alive population that they came into being, but the Forsaken take it out on them anyway." Another thing to think about as I keep leveling the Horde priesty through Northrend I suppose.

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