Bits and pieces

The good

We were supposed to take another swing at Ruby Sanctum last night, but due to a lack of healers, were forced to scrub that notion. Fortunately, we had been planning on resetting our ICC lockout (since we still have tanks who want that damned shield off the gunship battle), so we rolled into there with our mains and saw the first four bosses for the first time with the 25% buff. What a joke that was. It felt just like going back and three-manning Kara, the only difference being that the badges we get in ICC are still useful.

We now have the rest of our typical raiding schedule (tonight and tomorrow) to take a crack at Dreamwalker and then take out the Blood wing again. It would be awesome to get to Sindy this weekend. We shall see.

The bad

Some people heard via Twitter, but one of my brothers chatted me up yesterday on Facebook to inform me that he had been shot. He’s serving in Afghanistan and it’s his first tour and even though his two older brothers have been to Iraq and South Korea a few times between them and came out unscathed, he gets shot within about a month of being there. Fortunately, he is well and will recover with no problems. Unfortunately, he’ll be back in danger in about a week.

I don’t know if I can express just how real everything became for me. With him in Afghanistan and another brother in Iraq, I’ve lost any complacency I might have had. If you’re the praying sort, please think of my brothers when you think of all our troops serving abroad.

Especially that idiot who seems to think it’s somehow cool or glorious that he got shot.

The boring

I realized I’m going away for about a week here in the near future. I don’t know if I can get any of the new Pride and Prejudice and WoW details worked out before I leave, so that might be on hold for a bit.

In the meantime, I’ve had a few offers for guest posters while I am away but wouldn’t mind a few more. Again, please let me know either in the comments or by emailing me. I’m willing to suggest topics for anyone who would like to contribute but doesn’t know what to write about. Two out of three guest posters are making fun of me, so there’s always that.

The other

Some link love! Go read these if you haven’t.

The Blood Elf Misadventures from Girls Don’t Play WoW. This is a funny post, a tale of preparedness gone so, so wrong.

Introducing Flora and Fauna from The Harpy’s Nest. Proof that I can inspire people and, uh, change the world or something. We need more dinos, amirite?

Warpath from I Like Bubbles. I nodded along to that whole post, feeling sympathy. How many other leaders (whether guild leader, officer or raid leader) feel that way from time to time? Here’s hoping Amber can get everything straightened out in her guild because, dude, that sucks.

Hiring Guidelines from the always funny Looking For More. Dear HR policy writers where I work: Please make this so. Thanks for your consideration. Love, Alas.

Allegiance from The Pugging Pally. I know I linked this the other day, but I really enjoyed the discussion in the comments as well, so even if you have read it, you might find more to mull over. I did.

Mouse in the House from The Cranky Old Gnome. Oh. Em. Gee. Funny.


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  1. Glad your brother's ok but yeah, scary. Makes me really glad my brother is a chairwarmer in Iraq and almost done at that.

  2. Holy shit! Your bro getting shot is serious! I'm glad he's ok (sounds like he's almost TOO ok). What idiot thought it was cool?

    I take it the shield did not drop?

    • Shield did not drop. The shield will never drop. The shield is a lie.

      And the idiot who thought my brother getting shot was cool is the brother in question. He's young.

  3. Wow, I'm glad your brother is okay. It's always scary when siblings get into trouble – no matter what kind of trouble. But getting shot is definitely something that will give you a reality check. (Or should at least)

    And thanks a lot for the link love! :)

  4. To echo Zel and Saga, I’m glad your brother is okay.

    As for the “cool” bit, supposedly gunshot scars help you pull lots of women. My father was in the military and my babysitter, one of his squaddies, swore by them as a pulling tactic. As far as I know it worked, he’s now on his third wife.

    Ty for the link <3

  5. "If you’re the praying sort, please think of my brothers when you think of all our troops serving abroad."

    My son just walked into that sandbox…anything good you wanna send up…would be appreciated as well.