Guest Post: Leesah and Max

Hi, it’s Angelya here, keeping the place warm while Alas is away.

Here’s a little story of how my Druid, Leesah, came by her Windrider Cub pet. The real story is that Alas sent me the in-game pet as a prize for the competition she had for P&P&WoW a little while ago… I hope she’s looking after the real Max! :)

Leesah disliked Swamprat Post. It was a little too close to the Dead Mire – the mushrooms around here were still standing but starting to droop with the rot that was setting in not far away, and the air was thick with a stench like old socks.

She had, however, stopped by to see her friend, since she had been in the area training for her Stormcrow form. She had spent some time here in her younger days and had become friends with one of the merchants there, a young troll lady called Magasha.

Magasha chuckled to herself as she told Leesah about the latest exploits of one of the troll men in the camp, Reavij. “So he went out into da swamp, picked a load of dem Felweeds, and brings ‘em back ‘ere in a bunch to me like dey’s some kinda flowahs! I couldn’ believe me eyes, mon! Seriously creepy!”

Leesah laughed. “At least it’s better than the eels he brought you last time!”

“Da eels, dey were okay. At leas’ dey tasty…” Magasha smiled grimly, “dere’s only so much mushroom stew y’can eat, y’know.”

A loud squawking kerfuffle made them turn to look over tot he other side of the camp. The flightmaster, Gur’zil had a large piece of meat that he was attempting to feed to a clutch of windrider cubs, but the cubs had taken one look at the meat and mobbed him, trying to get at it.

Leesah and Magasha did what any young women would do at the sight of ravenous young creatures tearing into fresh bloody meat – they ran over, squealing loudly.

“Oh my goodness, they’re so cute!” Leesah said, as one of them ripped a piece of flesh from the meal and gulped it down.

“Adorable!” Magasha agreed, bouncing around in excitement.

Gur’zil eyed them warily. “Dey’re vicious li’l tings, y’know… dey like the taste o’ fingahs if ya not careful!”

He was completely ignored by the two women, who continued squealing and cooing.

Before long the meat had been demolished, and the cubs hopped about, looking for any scraps on the ground. Leesah noticed a bit near her – she nudged it towards one of the cubs with the edge of her boot. The cub pounced on it and gulped it down, then looked at her curiously, making a slight “Mmmrr?” as it hopped towards her.

Leesah backed away. “No little one, I haven’t got any more,” she said, holding her hands out to show they were empty. The windrider hopped over to her feet and rubbed its head on her hoof, purring quietly.

“Aww, he be likin’ you, Lees!” Magasha was cooing at the other cubs clustering around Gur’zil to see if he had more food.

Leesah knelt down on the ground and tentatively offered her hand to the little cub to sniff at. The cub ignored the hand completely and jumped into her lap, snuggling up in her warm northern robes, purring loudly.

“Um, Gur’zil?” Leesah said, panicking slightly.

“Don’ worry, mon. I can’ be takin’ care of all of dem ‘ere. Take ‘im wit you! He don’ fly yet but if ya teach him it won’ be long,” Gur’zil said, smiling.

“Are you sure? But I’m going back to Icecrown soon, I might not be very good at looking after him,” Leesah said with a frown.

“Sure, sure. He’ll be followin’ ya around. Or someone migh’ look after ‘im in that big floatin’ city for ya.”

Leesah smiled as she touched the soft furry mane starting to grow on the windrider’s head, and he nuzzled into her hand, still purring. “Thanks, I’ll look after him. I think I’ll call him… Max.” Thinking of the horrors she had witnessed already in the Icecrown Citadel, she frowned again, thinking she would have to ask someone in Dalaran to look after the cub when she returned to the front line.

They played with the cubs for a little longer, but soon it was time for Leesah to be heading off.

“I must drop back to Cenarion Refuge before I go. I promise I’ll look after this little monster though!” She looked fondly down at Max, who was clawing playfully at the edge of her cloak.

“No worries, mon. Stay away from da voodoo!” Magasha said, as they shared a hug.

“Now, little one, let’s see if we can get you to fly.” Leesah muttered the spell to transform into her newly-learned Stormcrow form. As she rose up a few metres from the ground, Max made a cute “Muurrow!” sound and leapt up, spreading his wings. He flapped a few times, gaining height, then zipped around Leesah-Crow.

“Like a true nat’ral!” Gur’zil called, grinning and waving as they flew off, chasing each other around the tall mushrooms on their way south.


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  1. That bottom picture is amazing, the light is really good and even though I hate to admit it, windrider cubs do look better with Tauren Druids than they do Nightelf.

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  3. What a cute story! I love they way you tell stories, Angelya!

    … I want my own Max now! *heads off to the Blizz store*