Friday Five: Racial Achievements in Cataclysm, a wishlist

First off, I think we need some racial achievements in Cataclysm. There would be only a handful for each race and anyone race switching would lose their previously earned achievement points and have to do the new racial achievements to earn the points back. Because when I dream, I don’t just dream big. I also dream lame things.

Right then. Here are five racial achievements I would like to see:

Hungry Like the Wolf – Worgan racial achievement. Eat something 50/100/500 times.

Donner, Party of 48 – Undead racial achievement. Cannibalize something 48 times. Why 48? Because that’s how many survived in the actual Donner-Reed party.

Size Does Matter – Gnomish racial achievement. Drink a Winterfall Firewater and eat a Great Feast to approach Dwarf size.

Time is Money – Goblin racial achievement. Earn 100/1000/5000 gold from the Auction House

Dance, Dance Revolution – Human racial achievement. Learn a new dance in the mythical dance studio Blizz keeps talking about. Why this for the humans? Because we’ve got the disco and the macarena and both are tragic.

What racial achievements would you add if you could?

Sidenote: I have several guest posters but there is still room for a few more. Want to guest post? Let me know. I’ll even provide ideas if needed.


Friday Five: Racial Achievements in Cataclysm, a wishlist — 5 Comments

  1. When I saw racial in the title, I thought this was going to have something to do with Mel Gibson.

  2. How many bounces does it take for a Night Elf to fall outta her top? …there are others, I'll leave it.
    Happy Friday Everyone.

    What subjects for your guest posts? Pop me in gTalk?

  3. Donner, Party of 48 is A GREAT idea for an achievement. Morbid, yes. Great, also yes.

    Also, I'm up for guest-posting if you're able to toss a topic my way. My topic-maker part of the brain is a little burnt out lately.

    • I once had a history teacher who covered the Donner Party in great detail and then closed out the period by saying, "Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break." He was pretty morbid, too.

      I sent you a DM via twitter with an idea for a guest post. Thanks so very much for offering! Please let me know if you want a different idea and I'll see what I can do!