Infinite loops

Yesterday, Zel and I were chattering away as we so often do to help while away the tedious hours of our work days, and because we tend to feed off each other – or at the very least bounce ideas and drafts off each other – I had the privilege to read the post she published today. I beat you all to the lol’s.

So there.

Anyhow, one thing led to another, I was chastised for a rather self-involved moment and somewhere in there an idea was born.

Another contest, what?

DinoTam has gotten somewhat away from me since that first post about his general uselessness. It makes me wonder how people feel when something of their creation goes viral on a more global scale – it’s somewhat disconcerting to have someone out there tweeting as my pet… and to not have more than a suspicion about who is behind that… and then to have the occasional blogger friend to take the concept and run with it. We have DinoTam haiku, limerick, villanelle (in the comments of the limerick) and now a sonnet.


Anyhow, I’ve been getting the biggest kick out of all DinoTam-related tomfoolery and on Zel’s suggestion, I am going to host a DinoTam poetry contest. There will be prizes of sorts – I will post any entries I get with links back to the entrant (as applicable) and will offer a guest post to the runner up. The grand prize winner will get DinoMat*, who is DinoTam’s younger, better behaved cousin.

So send your entries to my email. I’ll accept any form of poetry over the next week. Anything submitted after August 17th will not be considered. Please make sure you include something about DinoTam, poetry or contest in your email title so I’ll know you’re not some spammer out to log my keys.

And if no one enters, well, that’s okay. I’ll just get to keep DinoMat all for myself.

*Winning DinoMat would entail coughing up a mailing address so I can properly stalk you send you the prize.


Infinite loops — 10 Comments

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  2. Oh my gosh, I just thought of something that is not actually poetry that I'm going to submit anyway, if I get it done.

  3. Ahaha, what an awesome idea! I haven't attempted any poetry in years but this might change that. And DinoMat looks quite dashing! Truly an invaluable prize!

  4. Suddenly I wish there was a poet hidden deep inside me. If there is, it's too deep to find :P Someone got a flashlight? I might try to find some poet anyway cause DinoMat looks awesome :P

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