My Effing Guild

Eff the Ineffable is an Alliance side, 10-man raiding guild on the Azuremyst-US server. We are currently seeking a main spec healer of any class except priest.

Eff the Ineffable is a guild comprised of adults with responsibilities. As such, we will raid on the weekends when it is easier to go later without too much penalty to real life the next day. Our progression raid start times are Fri/Sat at 6:30pm server (PST), and last between 2.5-3 hours.

We are a guild without officers, preferring to stay small and guild-governed. It is important that members of the guild agree with the guild culture of making the most of limited raiding time and treat all other members respectfully. Guild members can and should contribute to all aspects of guild leadership, including (but not limited to):

  • organizing events
  • leading raids
  • taking turns at loot mastering and
  • aiding in guild bank management

When it comes to raiding, we are seeking like-minded individuals who are motivated to perform well and will put in their own efforts towards being ready for raids, including (but still not limited to):

  • studying their class
  • having a raid viable spec
  • studying boss fights
  • showing up to raids on time* and with:
  • appropriate gear
  • consumables
  • enchants
  • gems, etc.

*It should also be understood that we use the in-game calendar for scheduling and in order to attend a raid, a person must not only be prepared for the content, but also sign up for it. Anyone unable to meet these basic standards may be removed from the raider rank.

We will strive, as a guild, for progression. As part of this, raiders will be expected to be able to give and receive constructive criticism from their fellow raiders. World of Logs will be used as a tool post-raid to gauge performance. Anyone not actively working on improving their game will not be raiding with us, but we are willing to work with people who are trying to be better in their weaker areas.

Our loot system is Suicide Kings. Raiders are required to have downloaded the DSK addon. This is non-negotiable and loot drama will not be tolerated.

We are seeking to have fun and still be fairly relaxed – no driving for server firsts here – but we do want to excel as a raid team.

For another take on Eff the Ineffable, please see Zel and Gnoble’s page. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to email me (alas at kissmyalas dot com) or roll up an alt on Azuremyst and find someone to assault with questions.

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